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Cool! Well, I’ll take a peek at the older version, but I feel like I’m just going to have to wait. It’s alright, that’s what I get for using Protools. 😢

Note: I do have a beefy windows machine at home that can do 4.21 just fine, but I'm away for another two months, so I won't be able to use it.  I was hoping to get some cool prototypes in before I got back.

Well, I grabbed this! Looks amazing.

Unfortunately, I am on a Mac and I need to be able to use Protools for work, so I'm stuck on Sierra (OSX 10.12.6) which only supports Unreal up to 4.19...soooo looks like I can't run it :(

Bleh. That's all I wanted to say.


for some reason I think it works better not-in-chrome - try using safari? Or If you got an iphone, Safari mobile works good too.

It seems as though looking at the puddle causes cattails to immerge from the shallow sides.

Although if a second person looks at it, they disappear.

I pull out my fishing rod, attach a lure and cast into the puddle. There's nothing biting yet.

I grew mushrooms once.

Its smell is intoxicating. I want to drink it.

Probably a bad idea.

I hope we chance upon a cat instead! 

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A puddle of greenish blue liquid. At just the right angle, a purple shimmer refracts off the surface. No one quite knows how deep the puddle goes. A fresh and familiar smell emanates from it, like an early spring morning.

What kinds of multiplayer games are you playing now?

I'm personally playing Splatoon 2, and sometimes Rainbow Six: Siege. 

replying test

I too liked the movie "Lost in Translation" starring Bill Murray

I like wingdings