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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen


A topic by droqen created Oct 01, 2018 Views: 189 Replies: 4
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I made a forum because I'm sick of Twitter, keeping up with a mailing list is hard, and Discord is too ephemeral and moves too fast and doesn't have threads it has channels.

And ever since TIGSource and I grew apart, I've missed this.

But, there's another reason: Long time ago I set up a forum-roleplaying-game sort of thing, we dug a giant hole, had a good time. People liked it, and I just really loved that feeling of a community of people coming together and interacting. Indie multiplayer games, let alone indie MMOs, seem to die so quickly, so easily. Making games for nobody is an exhausting process, so alongside wanting to make online multiplayer games, I figured I'd also gather together a bunch of people to make games for.

This forum is a way of reminding me that you exist, and that I actually care about you, and not my Steam stats or analytics or # of hits or Metacritic score or whatever crap I get caught up in thinking is important.

Wow! I'm so nervous! I rearranged everything, realizing that there was absolutely no need for the billion different subfora... I'll add that shit when it becomes relevant.

but the mailing list (content) was dope

replying test

Thanks for the support ShelliBean

tbh I don't have the heart to like, kill the mailing list or anything, I'll keep unwisely mailing dope content until I die