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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen

Memories recovered from "Passports Playtest"

A topic by droqen created Oct 01, 2018 Views: 304 Replies: 1
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I found an old email from the forum game I ran a long, long time ago... here are the Trending Topics from the old "Passports Playtest" forum.

1. You can start a job thread anytime. It costs nothing. Make a thread with [JOB?] at the beginning of the subject line to indicate that it's a new and unknown job. If you want, you can copy...

Mr. Inanimate's Big Idea
Hello. I am Mr. Inanimate. On to more important matters. I have a plan. Right now, you might notice we live in a field. This is fine and all, but I have more grand aspirations than surviving...

[JOB-10x] The Holy Dig of the Glorious Hole
Our great Father of the Field has come to me in my dreams and brought me a vision. I have been chosen to lead The Holy Dig of the Glorious Hole ! I have been tasked with spreading the word of our...

The State of Passports
At this point there are a handful of players still active. Obviously, not enough to make a community, and a game founded on the idea of players constructing communities of work won't work with 5...

First Day Issues & Suggestions
Although it would be totally impractical for this version, it would definitely be cool if there were randomized rewards for individuals doing jobs. You know, maybe you don't get a fish today, but you...

That hole was quite glorious.

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