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Clarity Flowers

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this was cute & fun

I'll start decorating by placing tasteful knicknacks around and about, drawing pictures on the walls.

I have a regular tabletop rpg group that meets weekly over video chat. Right now we’re playing an unreleased Meguey and Vincent Baker game called Under Hollow Hills, about playing fairies in a fairy circus. 

I also play a fair amount of Overwatch with a friend of mine entirely as a convenient thing to do with our hands as we talk about other things. Somehow out best creative ideas always happen this way.

Hi I’m Clarity. She/her. I make tabletop rpgs and think way too often about making social online games, particularly in conjunction with my anarcho-socialist leaning politics. 

Here are some things I like: magical realism, girls kissing, swords.

Yeah totally. I don't mind a formal framework having weird definitions of words (I have plenty) but it can definitely make it hard to relay to people. 

Oh I like this! The distinction between these categories is clear & useful. The use of the word "aesthetic" for that definition feels weird to me though, because I think the appearances of things are actually part of the mechanics, yeah?