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This is exactly why I'm excited about the game Sub Rosa, which is worked on at the moment. Sub Rosa is a multiplayer first-person shooter about tense deals, double-crosses, and the occasional high-speed car chase. (that's the steam description, it's out on early access but I haven't played it yet) Basically, there are a couple of for-profit brute corps getting missions that are mostly about trading with other corps. The trades are great, both corps benefit from it but... Hey, we have guns, right? What if we could just eliminate the other corp's team to keep BOTH of the trade items? Profit! This very concept makes it so you are always insecure about anything and everything, even third party corps that might want to intercept you. The developer was also really inspired by movies like The Driver, about a freelancer offering fast trips to and out of the action, serving to no particular corporation. Well, I think you can see that the potential for stories is there. In reality, though, players don't really take the game too seriously and it's just a playground for any kind of role playing, especially fitting the 80s-90s vibes; AI/NPC presence is rather minimal, somebody has to have the creativity to keep the game interesting after a while. The format is super simple: servers with up to 5 corps, aimed at small groups of people in each corp, the town is rather small and the game restarts to zero after some time.

Now that I probably got you interested, I'm just waiting here for the release, which is probably a long way further...