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Reclaiming "social games"

games about the humans who play them · By droqen

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - due october 6th

A topic by droqen created Oct 02, 2018 Views: 194 Replies: 5
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Trying to make something like Passports Playtest after a realization that maybe I'm trying an unnecessarily tech-heavy approach. I still wanna make tech-heavy multiplayer videogames but it'd be cool if this was doable too...

Anyway, it's under construction. Don't mess around here too much.

moved this topic to 1st Dragon (forum game)
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Cobbled together some design notes and now really excited to work on 1st dragon when I wake up tomorrow :x but I'm also trying to take Tuesdays off so very conflicted rn at 5AM

Don't know about you, but working on something i like(and having some nice homemade food around) sounds like a good day off. :P

It does, doesn't it? It's seductive but leads me into lots of traps, I end up thinking every waking moment is for working on something i like. I need to make a conscious effort to pay attention to my life & the world around me or I... don't.

2h 45m to my self-imposed to-do list deadline before I'm supposed to have 1st Dragon launch-ready. I'm gonna launch it at the same time as I do this live podcast interview at 7PM today, if all goes right.

My to-do list is looking pretty good :

You can do it    \o\   /o/