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It works. Thanks!

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Not working on my computer. The game loads, but the astronaut won't move. I tried all keys to no avail.

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They did when I downloaded last played the game.

I haven't laughed so hard playing a video game in a long time. Thank you, the humor is on point!

OK, super fun concept, but forget the Bard; the Shaman is obscenely OP. Place one at the end of the loop, you basically get a double turn. Place two, you get four turns. I got three easily, and could have added a fourth, which would have yielded a whopping sixteen turns in one. If you ever get back to this game, you absolutely need to nerf the Shaman.

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Hi! I just joined the Marvellous Heroes jam, but before I commit to coming up with a game concept, I need a few clarifications.

- Can the game be about the Marvel universe specifically, does it have to be? The same question goes for any other IP.

- I assume that the game doesn't absolutely have to come with a default setting, but if it does come with one, does said setting have to be the usual kitchen-sink universe based on the real world? Or can we get a bit more creative in that department?


Le titre parle de lui-même. Quels sont les trois thèmes de la jam ?

I definitely felt on the edge, that's a good sign. It seemed to me that the boss has lower health than regular enemies, which felt weird until I realized he's revived after a few seconds.

The hammer is clearly the superior weapon in this game. I really like how it works, too.

Very good job on this one!

This rabbit kicked my ass too many times. I probably suck. But even then, this boss fight lacks telegraphing.

The rest of the game is cool and reasonably polished, although the sound stutters. The "you died" song made me crack a smile, though. Good job on this one.

Apart from what has already been said, tThe sounds are incredibly low, I even thought there was no music until I turned the volume up to maximum.

Anyway, this needs a lot of refinement, but it looks promising.

Yep, I'm afraid it's unplayable in its current state.

The short looping musical segment in the beginning is kinda annoying, but I know from personal experience that making music can be hard.

The graphics are really good, I'm a bit jealous x)

Thanks! I figured if my game was going to take place on the edge of the screen, I might as well make use of the empty space in the middle. Putting controls there was a no-brainer.

Dang, it must be that weird 10-pixel delta I always get when instantiating a window. I thought everyone would get the same issue, so I compensated for that delta in the code.

The game is full of bugs, but I playtested it many times and never encountered the ones you describe.

The purple enemy in the jump power-up room is resistant to normal bullets, you have to beat the first boss to acquire the charged shot and kill it :)

As for the size of the window, there is a delta of 10 pixels. I don't get why, but this seems to be a Java thing. Instantiating an x * y window causes a x+10 * y+10 window to appear. I had to account for it.

Yeah, the final boss seems immortal for some reason. I'll have to check that out some time.

Thanks for the review!

OK, keeping in mind this is a scuffed version:

The boss fight is super easy. Like, far too easy. I consistently defeat it without moving at all, and it doesn't feel like much of a challenge. But the idea of fighting a boss on a crumbling dungeon floor is good.

At first I thought the absence of sound effects wasn't a big deal, until I realized the music is rather short and doesn't loop. This would be a major improvement.

I really dig the visual style, though you might want to make the boss and its bullets stand out a little more, with a black border for instance. The game is readable as such, but a little more contrast wouldn't hurt.

Anyway, good job!

The inner game character feels extremely heavy, but maybe that was intended.

But the main issue I see with this game is the lack of a warning sign that the boss is coming in. Did I miss it? If I didn't and there isn't any, it makes the game unfair.

Good idea, and funny too, but there's room for improvement.

A fun game, though the controls aren't super tight. Blobo feels super heavy, and holding Z after jumping prevents moving left and right. But overall it's a solid design.

The game seems to have potential, but it lacks warning signs for when and where a new enemy is going to spawn. I lost far too many times because an enemy spawned next to me or beneath me after a jump, and I crashed into it before I had a chance to react. I couldn't get to the boss because of it!

Good job, but there's room for improvement.

Solid design! You introduce the mechanics first without telling the player anything, and then explore these mechanics in depth. I really enjoyed myself playing your game. Even defeat didn't feel frustrating either, which is always a good sign. Congratulations!

In theory, you double-click Chaosnake.jar.

I didn't feel like I needed to play, to be honest. I played three times, and once the big ball was broken, the ball almost never got near the paddle, and it hit the goal more often by chance than because of my input.

So all in all, Pongy nails the theme, it has potential, but it could be improved. By slowing the debris down a bit, for example.

Great job!

Glad you liked it :)