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omg INCREDIBLE!! thank you so much! <3

What an incredible game! I'm so glad I stuck with it and went all the way to the true ending. I'll be thinking about this one for a long time. <3

I'm so glad you liked the stories! ^^ An ePub version is in the works, and should be available in the near future!

Yup, pretty much! The changes depend on what "type" of enemy you lost against and they all stack. It was mostly a fun game jam project to give me an excuse to design a bunch of monsters based on my friends ^^

Hey hi! Would it be possible to offer a similar feature in the Distribute section that allows Ko-fi members supporting at a certain monthly level access to a specific project, just like the feature that currently exists for Patreon integration? Me and other creators I know have been looking at moving our base and/or diversifying our membership platform options following Patreon's recent worrying decisions and layoffs, and Ko-fi integration on itch's side would really help alleviate our workload when it comes to distributing rewards.

Thanks for your time!

lite-novel should probably redirect to light-novel if possible! ^^ both are different ways to refer to the same kind of illustrated novella that often features easygoing themes and long elaborate titles

Thank you! I'd love to go back to it at some point, hopefully when we're no longer in a global pandemic. (it hits a little too close to home now, haha)

Hey hi! If you just missed the deadline to submit, no worries - for the next day or so, just drop a link to your submission here and a way to reach you and I'll get in touch! ^^

Fan art is totally fine! ^^ Transformative works are important.

There might be limitations on what can be done with it afterwards if it's based on story/characters you don't own but honestly that's beyond the scope of this jam. Go for it if it's what inspires you!

Hi! ^^ This jam is meant to encourage folks to start or complete projects in November, so it's not really appropriate for existing works or things made outside of that period. I think there's a case to be made for adapting & finishing something started elsewhere if the jam inspires you to, though!

I'm actually not sure! I've always done PDF and ePub with my own writings. I think unless you make a "game" like an interactive novel that lets you navigate the text, it'll always end up being a thing you download?

The easiest way to upload is to make a PDF out of it; most popular writing tools will have that as an output or export option. If not, you can easily make a google doc out of it and export to PDF from there! That'll make a file that can easily be uploaded to itch and then read by other folks. ^^

There are other compatible formats for different devices (like ePub for most tablet readers) but those can require specific tools to create. Still, it's worth it to make those extra versions for better accessibility if you can manage it. And itch will accept as many different formats as you want for any single thing you make, too! Best of luck! <3

That was very cute! Good work! <3

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm so glad this book resonated with you <3

Thank you so much for the kind words!! <3

What a delight! I was super impressed by the premise of "Roll in Mega Man 1 but with a ton of quality-of-life features" and the execution knocked it out of the park. I especially loved the little details like both levels of the buster charge being useful (one is wider, one hits harder) and how amazing some of the reinvented Robot Master weapons are. Incredible work!!

I'm so glad the story resonated with you! Thank you so much for the kind words! <3

Oh she for sure already has! ^^ It wouldn't make sense to only carry one kind of those.

Thank you for the kind words! <3

(I also want to confirm that yes, all proceeds from collaborative projects like this one are divided between me and the artist.)

I'd like to submit a third light novel to the bundle in addition to the 2 from my previous post; the artist has contacted me and given her blessing. Thank you!

Thank you for doing this! I would like to submit two of my light novels, Cat Wishes and Substitute Familiar:

Hi Genie! That's totally enough to submit to the jam! Just publish it as its own thing on itch and DM me the URL, and I'll set you up with a link to add it. ^^

There's no submission too small! <3

The jam's over, but if you just missed the buzzer, no worries! Just post the URL of your submission here along with a way to reach you (discord, twitter, email, etc.) and I'll send you a link you can use to add your creation to the jam!

Thanks for participating! :D

Oh there's absolutely no exclusivity, share away! For the resulting anthology (provided we have everything we need to make it happen), there would be a layer of editing/presentation on top of the original jam submission, and that version will probably have some light exclusivity stuff to work out. But what you're making for this jam is public and meant to be shared. ^^

Feel free to coordinate with other writers if you'd like to have characters in common, but this is absolutely not a requirement! I prefer leaving actual characters completely to the authors and instead emphasize just how ever-changing Cali Co is to ensure maximum narrative freedom. ^^

Hey hi! Cali Co is a bit of an everything company that also changes its focus regularly, so pretty much anything goes (and different stories can still be canonical even if they appear to be contradicting each other). You can specify what your characters are doing, or you can keep it abstract—it's up to you!

The company also leases a lot of building space to other companies (the first few floors of which are public-facing in an open, mall-like area) so if you want your story to focus on a smaller organization, you can go that way too! ^^

Yup! They're currently available as extras on my current Feline Therapy kickstarter but they should be up on my shop soon!

I RELATE TO THIS A LOT but rest assured this is not the last interaction Blue has with mousedom

Hey hi! I just hosted a game jam and there were lots more entries this time around than we're used to. Some of the games got way fewer ratings than others, and we were wondering if there was a way to help direct folks to them to ensure less popular games have a shot at getting enough ratings to have a more accurate average? Filtering entries by number of ratings could be one solution, but it might not be the most appropriate. Do you feel this is a problem, and if so, is there a practical way to solve it?

Thank you!

That's a rare bug I haven't identified yet; it might have to do with the app losing focus on startup. Refreshing the page and starting the game right away usually solves it!