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Alex Zandra Van Chestein

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Yup! They're currently available as extras on my current Feline Therapy kickstarter but they should be up on my shop soon!

I RELATE TO THIS A LOT but rest assured this is not the last interaction Blue has with mousedom

Hey hi! I just hosted a game jam and there were lots more entries this time around than we're used to. Some of the games got way fewer ratings than others, and we were wondering if there was a way to help direct folks to them to ensure less popular games have a shot at getting enough ratings to have a more accurate average? Filtering entries by number of ratings could be one solution, but it might not be the most appropriate. Do you feel this is a problem, and if so, is there a practical way to solve it?

Thank you!

That's a rare bug I haven't identified yet; it might have to do with the app losing focus on startup. Refreshing the page and starting the game right away usually solves it!