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If i have read it correctly there is no rating phase at the end of the jam. Is there any other way to recieve feedback? I think its kinda useless id you put hard work in a game, and when the jam is over nothing happends. Sure some people get number 1 and some number 500, but i think it is very usefull to get feedback, especially for new jammers. 

So, any idea on how to give feedback than? Since if there is no rating period its less likely that other players will play my game.

Haha yeah i know aboutvthat one. Tried to counter it by giving negative points for very wrong matches

Thanks for playing!

Lmao i really liked this one! great job. Got 3102810 points lol! Laughed a lot playing this.

Well that was an experience! Nice how you handled the camera movement and clicking the circles with the music. Never seen this before so thats very nice!

well done! 

Feel free to rate it now ratings are available! 

Feel free to rate it now ratings are available! 

Nice artsyle, nice mehcanics. very well put together game! 

Well done finishing a game! I really liked this one handling the match and staying away from the monster. Nice SFX as well!

first game jam? You have nailed it!

Very well done! Finishing is the hard part. 

I like the artstyle of the game, 5/5 for you! I liked the game to make different brews. 

Again good job!

I liked this game! (maybe winning has to something with it haha) 

Great presentation, nice soundFX and nice take on the theme! well done!

LOL i really liked this one. nice take on the theme !

I like the presentation of your game! and i really like that inventory mechanic, nice one. 

For feedback; i don't see a timer or any kind that indicated that my fire runs out, and is there also a win condition? Thats something i miss. But a nice game overall. well done, also well done for completing a game!

Haha glad you liked it. I was thinking about trees that grow back or just cut an entire forest. Chose the 2nd option so you can prepare for waves.  Nice that you finished it!! 

Thanks for the feedback. I have to say it's kinda hard to balance the mechanic. I had the time you add with logs lower before but I couldn't eat the game anymore. Was thinking of different enemies, but again the difficulty curve could be messed up easily. I did want a final boss for the last wave that shoots projectiles at the fire. But I don't have enough time to work on it anymore. :(

Awesome work, do you also have ranged creatures except the snowman? :)

I mean playable archer guy. with the roll animation etc. would be a nice addition to the set. but take your time

You think you will make an archer guy? 

Ye the walk animation with the "normal' sword and the slash animation would be great. Because I can't get everything to fit lolz 

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Awesome dude! 

Yeah sure. Now I can begin my adventure of creating a Castle-crawler roguelike! I'll use your assets for sure. Maybe if it really is coming together and I miss stuff we can work together. But hey, who knows maybe I won't even finish it (since i have a full time job) 

I think I can add the sword myself using Aseprite since its only copy - pasting the sword into the right animation.  Unless you can add the sword in every animation.(Idle - Run - Slash) (except rolling i guess)

The knight looks super cool! Amazing work. 

Dude you are awesome!!! Seriously happy i found your pack.

You keep it alive with updates and interaction which is very nice. If you want to create a new hero i've got an interesting idea: The oldschool knight helmet with a small feather. Could be nice. 

I am waiting for your update :D ! Thanks mate. 

I just noticed this is undo-able to implement every piece of gear on every frame of every animation. So I have a request: do you have a spritesheet available of the guy wearing iron armor? (the knight) with the sword animation etc? Just a complete set of the knight? So I can use that one instead of the naked guy :). 

Would appreciate it buddy! 

Nice! Ye well i've got a question but I am not sure if you know the answer. (familiar with Unity?) The sprites are  awesome but they are all seperate. So I wanted to create a pickup mehanism so you can swap out the leather head for the cloth one etc. But because everything is in frame animation it is hard to swap. Any idea how this can be done? :)

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Sounds nice! NIce to see that you keep it that updated

I've just bought it but I am missing the Idle / walk animation? Can that be right. In the characters folder > caucasian i've only got the death/roll/slash animations? (this is for all characters)

Am i blind or? hihi. 

Yes and I will, it won't be the new binding of Isaac (lol) but i'll make a fun small game out of it. 

For enemies maybe;

-Ranged skeleton (to complete the skeletes set) 

-trolls / goblins  (also a bigger troll as a boss?)


and let me think of more. The  dungeon vibe enemies are a great fit here. Things that stay in the dark usually. 

Again nice pack! I also very very much like the UI pack! 


I am going to use this in a roguelike game!

So if people have input for the next update;  more enemies!!  

(If I buy this, i have the license to make a commercial game out of this?)

Thanks for the feedback! Noticed a lot about the slippery stuff. Didn't experience this myself with testing but maybe I am a pro gamer. (lol) I'll take that into next game jam! Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it. 

Thanks for the feedback! Yes I've noticed that more people said this. Next time I'll pay more attention to this! Thanks again!

Hey that sounds like a nice mechanic! I'll defenitely try that ou! Thanks for the kind words <3

Yes i've also noticed the camera jittering. It's because the localascale of the player gets adjusted every frame. so the camera moves with it. i've figured out to late what was happening and didnt have time for a fix. Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it!

I've noticed in the comment that a few people had difficulty with the platforming. Maybe I am just a pro gamer haha. Have to balance it a bit more, I'll take that feedback for next game jam! 

Thanks for the kind words! Yes I am always struggling with the size and scaling, I never get it right. I already got the tip on how to fix it but ye... I am not allowed. Thanks again! 

I like the style of it. the parallex background , art and SFX. What I miss is a clear path for the player. I fell down like 10 times and then i quit the game. I like the absorption theme as the lost Records. If you made the path a little bit more clear i think it wouldve been a great game! 

Overall you still did a great job, nice entry!

Nice game! I really laughed when i saw the  "Sad" when i died. Solid entry tho nice polishing for sure!

Really great art style! Fun take on the theme, its something different than everyone else. I did not really understand if i should keep the life to 100% or get it down? i kept it at 100 and then i got fired lol. 

Maybe a little tutorial / tutorial screen should help!  (or i missed it idk?) 

Nevertheless great entry well done. 

Fun game nice mechanics. Pretty solide preprossesing. Looks nice! 

Was the among us the easter egg? :) 

I do want to say that i was a few times in the light and nothing happened, and maybe show at the doors which color you need. now they just closed and me as player didnt know why. 

Solid entry!

Solid entry! I like that you've used 3D. Something I still want to learn. Good mechanics and nice feedback to the player while you absorbed different things. 

Solid entry!

Oh wauw thanks. I am always struggling with the canvas size and itch. Thanks this is so helpful!! 

mmm it should be do-able, i've tested it many times and added extra checkpoints / waterpoints. Thanks for the friendly feedback! <3

5/5 graphics. Very well done. Nice little story-game. 

If i can give you 1 tip is that it is nice if you can skip the loading of the dialogue (with a button). So the whole sentence is in the screen instead of letter by letter. Just a preference. 

Nice take on the theme! Very creative! 

Didnt got that high of a score tho :(