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I appreciate the kind words. What would you want to see in an update?

We tried out 4v4 for a laugh. But the balance of the game was pretty broken. Was very difficult for either team to score. That and the UI doesn't really support it - 6 players might work though I suppose.
Modding support could be interesting, but I wouldn't want to commit to something that I might never get around to implementing. What if I just open sourced the game?

That's a cool idea. It reminds me of applying spin to the pool balls in old pool games and seeing the helper line curve.

Perfect dodge is a great little risk versus reward mechanic.

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A little bit of Hotline Miami for me, but the game idea was Liminal Zero's.


Totally agree. Would love to have a medal system similar to Neon White's. Allow players to complete the level at their own pace, but then allow them to come back and solve it faster to achieve a higher medal. 

We came very close to adding bounce shots in there! But I'm glad we didn't, we would have definitely ran out of time.

We noticed this bug but thought "who is going to notice?", so didn't get to it 😅.

Really enjoyed this one. I played it for so long trying to clear the last line but just couldn't get it!

I think it would help to conceptualise what's happening if you had the shapes fall down after you make them.

Cute game. Well done :)

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Very tricky on trackpad. Having keyboard controls as well would help a lot with some of the trickier manoeuvres - you could introduce the keyboard controls in a dev log.

I really love this use of the theme, and the humour is great. Could totally see this being turned into a full game.

Cute chicken. I think the idea has legs, you could pursue it further.

I love time loop games but I haven't seen any where you need to kill your past self. Very clever!

This is a really charming game. I love the humour, and the attention in the interactions and UI.

I think the difficulty could have started out a little softer. There's quite a lot of information to take in and you really need to understand it all before you can start playing. I would start with minimal ingredients and maybe even fewer orders over the first few days.

Oh that's really cool. I mostly tested on gamepad, so didn't know of that one. No way would I take it out though. Any method for getting to the end is valid.

The game is definitely much harder on keyboard (for me at least). Which is a shame.

Leaf has answered this better than I can:

Thanks for the feedback David. I use a Mac primarily, so the sticky keys issue slipped passed me.

I'll make the alternate key (space bar) more prominent to new players.

What platform?

My first thought was that the title screen looping WAS the game. And I needed to break out of it. Then I read the description and started trying keys.


Damn. I don't think I'll be able to get it working for you. Sorry :(

Could you try it out in here and let me know if the X button triggers anything:

Oh lame, can you give me any more info about the controller?

Thanks for the feedback, I shall tweak the start some more  

And yep that’s the ending!


Yep, it should save your progress locally each checkpoint. I didn’t think to indicate that visually, would be a good addition!

Sorry, I only just noticed this.

What happens exactly when you try to run the game?

You're going to have to be more specific.

You can only practice against the bots in career mode

It's local co-op (career mode) and local multiplayer (VS mode) only, sorry.

Hey, I don't understand what your problem is. Can you elaborate please?

Would you mind emailing me at I've some ideas what might be causing this and would like to troubleshoot it if that's ok with you.

I've noticed the music loop stopping after finishing the campaign. But never the sfx dropping out. And it's especially weird that restarting the game doesn't fix it.

What platform are you on?

Minecraft with realistic physics!

Is crafting working?
I tried to make sticks and failed.

When I look at games I like to read the comments. So I'll leave them on for my games for the same reason.
And I find the comments people leave are usually quite positive.

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I can only speak for OSX, but I've tried a lot of different methods. There are a lot of promising and elegant looking programs that end up having trouble capturing a decent size at 60fps without dropping frames. Or not allow you to change the colour table method and do it based on the first frame only.

There are 3 methods that I've landed on each with different advantages:

Free and handles decent sized 60fps gifs quite well. The interface is a bit clunky. But it's free.

Quicktime + Video editing + Photoshop
Highest quality results (but the most time consuming). Record the entire screen at the highest quality. Frame it and edit it to exactly what you want in Premiere or Final Cut. Export uncompressed video file. Import that into Photoshop and save for web to Gif.

The Photoshop save for web tends to allocate colours really well and get the filesize down. Once upon a time I use to use Fireworks over Photoshop as it had a way better gif export. But I haven't used it in years and can't compare them directly now.

The best complete package i've found (not free: $30 USD). It has replaced both Licecap and Photoshop for me for pretty much every gif I do. It records everything as video and has a bunch of video export options and also a nice gif export. Capture process is smooth, handles decent size at 60fps on my Macbook Pro. Keeps all the source videos stored away in case you want to come back to them . Allows editing after recording. And remembers your export settings. Oh, and it records mouse presses as metadata, so you can export with or without those present. The only caveat I can think of is it doesn't let you choose the recording codec, only the quality. For video recording it would be nice to have the option for uncompressed or Animation codec for capturing clips when making trailers and things. Can be nice having a high quality source stored away for later

Long live King Dunin!

Thanks for the kind words :)

I'm using xbox 360 controllers myself as my main testing controllers. And I haven't had any issues. Is there anything non-standard about your setup that might point me in the right direction?
Perhaps these aren't xbox for Windows controllers, but rather xbox controllers with some kind of adapter.
Have you tested the controllers in other games?
What version of Windows and OSX are you using?
Which drivers are you using for OSX? (I use:

Wonderful game!

By the way, I couldn't get the Mac version to load. Played Windows version instead.