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Jump and bark your way to the ball · By Waynetron

I loved it!

A topic by CahGames created Feb 04, 2020 Views: 236 Replies: 2
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Yes, I played this game with the keyboard.

Barkour is challenging but it never gets boring. The original way you move the dog combined with an accurate physics system, an awesome soundtrack (and sound effects!) and a good level design prevents you from alt f4-ing before you finish the game (at least that worked for me lol).

As I said before, the level design is great, but in my opinion the first part of the yellow part is a bit too difficult, considering you just started the game...

Final Score: bark/10  ;)

P.S: "G*** D**" (I don't want to spoil) is the ending, right? There are no b-sides or some other challenges after that, RIGHT?!


Thanks for the feedback, I shall tweak the start some more  

And yep that’s the ending!

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this game is so great! was also not sure about the ending. I would love it if you added an infinite mode past the G*** D**. :)