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Yes you can update your game and it won't be a different submission.

So the ratings you received until now won't be deleted, but people who already rated your game won't probably do it again as they don't get notified that you updated the game.


haha asteroid goes brrrr

The art is great (did you use assets?) and the music is cool. Unfortunately the game gets boring pretty quickly... but hey, you managed to submit a game, in the end that's what matters.

In this jam I was expecting everything but a strategy game. The game you made is really impressive, so simple but challenging at the same time. And most of all, FUN!

Oh, and of course the art is really good, and like the others I really liked the HUD (and also the tutorial!)

This game is the definition of fun. Well done!

That's an interesting concept, it reminds me of crossy road. The difficulty curve has some spikes, but still a nice game.

You did an amazing job. The fireworks are beautiful and the sfx make them even more realistic.

You also managed to design a good progression system, and that was not easy with all the limitations of this jam. 10/10


I didn't get the difference between battle and endless mode, but apart from that, well done!

The intro was really cool, the music is great and the shooting feels good thanks to the particle effects and sfx.

A really simple but fun concept, well done.

The speed of the circle that spins around celly is just perfect to keep the player always engaged and that's why this game is so good: it's not too slow (in that case the game would be boring) and not too fast (in that case it would be too difficult). Also, the camera that zooms out when you pick up the food is a nice touch.

I really don't have any complain about this game, the only thing is I'd suggest you is to make more clear to the player that the circle that is spinning is the direction where celly goes if the player presses the button (maybe replace it with an " arrow-shaped" cell or something like that).

Limitation breeds creativity. That is so true.

This is an original idea with a lot of potential! I really would love to see an expanded version of this game, maybe with levels instead of an endless run.

Just 2 things:

1) the learning curve is waaaay to steep, I never got past an obstacle.

2) your button has multiple functions, holding it doesn't have a prolonged effect of the single press, but tbh that was a minor rule, so whatever.

A really original idea, well done!

A tip for your next jams: at the start of the game always tell the player what you have to do in the game. It took me at least one minute to understand the mechanics, but a player less patient than me would probably ragequit earlier and leave a negative review!

Hi! I don't know why but your game doesn't work.

I suggest you making a build for windows so that we can try your game (don't worry you can still update your game even if we're in the voting phase)

thank you for trying the game and leaving a comment!

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List of updates of this game:

UPDATE 14/08/20 (or 08/14/20): Added music, sfx and animations. Slightly increased duck's hitbox.

UPDATE 15/08/20 (or 08/15/20): Added a combo system with animations. Added an option to turn off the music.

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No problem!

I was thinking that  players can "cheat" by spamming the button, so that they can stand still. So maybe you should consider adding a really small cooldown after the button is pressed.

Yes, it is allowed.

You probably want to tell the player what the button does every level, otherwise you might confuse them.


The problem is that it requires mouse movement as an additional input, and that is not allowed.

But I honestly think the idea of changing movement direction when pressing the fun button is not bad at all. In your post you say that it's not playable because the ship always shoots at the wrong time: I think that's 100% playable, it's just more difficult for the player, who has to time well when to switch direction to manage to shoot at the right position.

Think about it, I think you should end up with an interesting game ;)


yes, but you don't have to use the FUN button to start the game, you can also have a normal main menu (like Malice said, the limitations are restricted to the gameplay)

No you can't.

The only thing that the player can do in your game is to press the button. It's simple as it sounds :)


No, it has to be circular.

yes you can, I'll add that to the FAQ section, thank you for asking

This is a good question and the answer is no you can't. 

You can have multiple inputs to press the button (for example you can make so that the button is pressed when the player presses LMB (left mouse button) or when they press Space), but the effect of the button can't be based on which input button the player pressed.

However keep in mind that the effect of the button can change over time or over clicks (for example your button can have a certain effect the first time you press it and have another effect the second time you press it etc.).

Thank you for your question, I'll update the rules


Nope. Having different effects based on which letter of the button you press is not allowed, because it's like having multiple buttons...


The "FUN" button can have multiple functions, and these functions can change over time (or "over clicks").

The important thing is that the user must see on the screen only one button at a time. If you need to make multiple buttons to give to the button different functions, I don't see a problem with that, as long as you show only one button at a time.

Let me know if I answered your question.


Hey, thanks for joining the jam!

I extended the duration of the jam from 2 to 5 days, and I've also enabled updates during the rating period!

Looking forward to play your game ;)


A great and original puzzle game. The difficulty curve is just right, and the items of the inventory add more variety and fun to the gameplay. The only thing that confused me a bit was the movement and the spotting system of the guards, do the guards look in a certain direction so that they don't spot you when you're standing next to them?

The concept is really interesting and has potential in my opinion. However, these are some problems I would fix:

1. The level after the tutorial is too difficult, I almost ragequitted (and I also thought the white circle was just for decoration because I forgot I had to reach it in order to complete the level. I know, I'm dumb, but my advise is to add some sort of animation that make me look at it).

2. The chameleon is too big for the platforms, with those weird colliders jumping on them is too difficult (see also point 3)

3. You don't want to use AddForce for the jump, because then the most effective way to double jump is to press rapidly two times the jump button, making the double jump kind of useless. Instead, try to modify the y velocity of the rigidbody when the player jumps and see what happens.

That's it, I hope I gave you some useful tips if you want to keep working on this game. For a 72 hours game jam I think you did a good job, well done!

Hi! I think this grapple hook system is pretty realistic. However, if you want to make this system less realistic but funnier, I think you can do two things:

1. lower the gravity, it gives more time to the player to grapple to another spot

2. make so that when you grapple, the frog gets closer and closer to the grappling point (just like the grappling system of the Pathfinder in Apex Legends, that is really fun to play imo)

arrows are symbols that only we humans link to a direction, so... yeah, they count as text.

However, if your game uses arrow keys for movement, you can use arrows to describe what are the controls of your game.

Thank you for asking this question, I'll add this detail in the rules of the jam.

I tried but it doesn't work on windows 10  :(

The shooting of this game is just perfect: the player has a good feedback through sfx and particle effects, and the enemies are not too op or weak. The moving enemies AI is the thing I liked the most about this game. They try to predict where the player is gonna shoot and that makes the game even more challenging.

 The background, the audio, and the "fog" effect when the player is moving give the right atmosphere to the game, so well done on that. Just want to give you three tips: 

1) sometimes it's difficult to see where the bullets go (except for the second ship) and where the enemy ships are (especially when the background is bright). Maybe you want to highlight more the bullets by making more big and bright (maybe with a trail or something) or maybe you just want to make the background a bit more neutral. 

2) when the player enters a planet, the enemies should enter in a pause state, not going towards the player and shooting to him. 

3) remove the ui from the game icon!

In the end, you managed to keep me entertained for 40 minutes and considering the average time I play a game of a jam is 5 minutes, that's a pretty good result! This game also reminds me of a game I used to play when I was a child called HellFighter32

I loved this game! You made a platformer game that requires perfection, miss a platform and you probably have to restart, jump a tiny bit later and you'll hit a cactus (I never feared them so much in my life). The art is really cool and the sound too (especially the sfx of the end of the level is very satisfying). Well done, you built a short but challenging game that gave me that feeling of true satisfaction once I beated it.

The art is cool (especially the fire) but I really can't enjoy the gameplay. The stealth part adds a bit of variety but it's definitely not enough to make me like a farming game :)