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fun puzzle game, but the white rectangles (extender blocks?) are sometimes confusing. Also for the UI, I would recommend not allowing the player to move blocks while the bot is running and personally I would snap the blocks back to their original positions if they are placed invalidly (to avoid overlapping commands).

too bad you couldn't fix it in time, but the art is very cute

I love the mood of the game

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I'm glad you liked it. Yeah I probably should have included that as part of a tutorial.

Thanks for playing it. Next time I'll try to have a tutorial.

This is great. At no point did I feel in control of the situation. :)

It can be hard to distinguish between my bullets and the enemies, so you might want to make them a different color after the jam.

very fun idea, you might want to add a placeholder for the bullet (that doesn't show up in the final result) to show you where it will be. I ended up with my bullets coming out of my head.

same here

It was the sword, I was wondering if it was intentional. OK

the art was fun, but the robot half was very hard to control

sorry about that, I just fond out that you have to install java for all but the windows 64 version

It's very hard. Nice polish and the becoming two is clever. :)

It got too difficult, so I haven't finished it, but you might want to break the symmetry at some point.

I can't wait. I spent hours playing this and it is one of the most fun game jam games I've played. :)

Do you plan to continue development?

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this game is so great! was also not sure about the ending. I would love it if you added an infinite mode past the G*** D**. :)

fun game. I would like to see more levels and maybe obstacles(if you wanted it to be less puzzley)

I'm glad you liked it. getting stuck is a bug, but because I already intended to kill the player if he hit the wall wrong, I stuck with it.

on windows I got: Cannot read property 'length' of null

this was also the browser version


I got to floor 80 and had the same problem.

this game is great. add a layer that allows your bot to buy itself upgrades and it will really be autorogue. :)

great game

great game! can't wait to see what you make next.

alright I've been looking forward to this update for at least a month. Thanks for making the game :)

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is there any way to influence how territory shifts with modding? This would be for a mod that adds war technology. I've looked at the documentation and haven't found anything. thanks!

also is condition to test if a cell of group has a discovery?


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this looks great!

how can I mod it?

Great game. It feels like a full platformer.

Very difficult, but would love to play an easier version. Also if your mouse is too close it glitches.

Great idea! The screen shakes too much. the level design feels more like a timing game and less like a puzzle game. very original.

the google Dinosaur game

this game is the best one I have seen. I only wish there were more levels

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I like the control scheme. It feels very nice once you know it's there. (no instructions)

also the bullets are a bit hard to see.

very cool. It is a bit disorienting popping all over the screen. It seems like the program is checking for the drone closest to the mouse, meaning that no mater where I click I always kill an enemy. you might want to consider a maximum distance from where you clicked to encourage aiming. great concept!

after I submitted the game I realized that the displayed box is too small

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several problems that I realized after the submission closed: the corner box as displayed is smaller than the hit-box, and the movement system for the enemies was actually ignoring negatives. 

The color of the destination changes based on the color of the beacon placed in it.

The white enemies act as health packs, however the enemies follow them above all else. thanks for pointing this out it is now added to the description.

I think I must be doing something wrong. I have 0 ratings ,but when I check the unrated page none show up. I'm  wondering if my files aren't visible. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could check. (it shows up fine for me) :)

ok thanks