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Worlds: History Simulator

A world generator, and human history simulator · By DrTardigrade

Open FAQ (post your questions here) Sticky

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Not necessarily an official Frequently Asked Questions board, just a place for people to ask questions about development. (Including myself.)

Just to start it off, how far into history will the polities be able to go? Right now in version 3.2.1 they only seem to invent very simple tribal systems and agriculture. Will certain factors cause civilizations to advance faster than others?


Hey, thanks for creating this!

To answer you question: My hope is that polities will be able to reach at least the 'present day' in technological and cultural terms. Although, depending on what technologies become available, 'present day' polities and cultures within the game could end up being a combination of 'modern' and 'primitive' techs. Also, I want to be as flexible as possible with technological and cultural development. That is, there will not be definitive "advanced" techs. Just different knowledge types that work better for the cultures that possess them, given their circumstances. 

So, for example, cultures far away from oceans might never develop oceanic navigation or create even simple boats, but they might never need that knowledge anyway. Instead, they could end up developing better road making technology or even inventing and using railroads before everybody else. They might even come up with some fantasy type technology like airships. Though that will possibly require for player-made mods to be added to the game.

Regarding speed of advancement: The intention is that communication between different cultures, the advancement of record keeping (writing, data storage), and education will help some polities gain knowledge faster than others who either isolate themselves, do not promote education, or do not have physical means to retain knowledge. Nevertheless still, that will be highly dependent on the type of knowledge and the context where it develops. It might even be possible to suppress or promote certain knowledge types through policies and edicts, regardless of any other factor.

Another question, will religions be added to the game and will the be procedurally generated? (With factors like doctrines and spread) or will they be preset. I think that this will be important due to the major effects religion has had on our history.

Developer (2 edits)

Of course, religions will be added and they will be procedural! That's a goal a little far in the future though. I want to start with simple belief systems akin to animism and shamanism, which are more naturalistic and closer to physical reality (in a mystical sense). If you have read about how I generate languages and names in the game, you'll see that I use an element system that is tied to the biomes and the environment. This element system could easily be expanded upon to be used in the creation of  simple nature-worshiping belief systems.


Are there plans to add natural disasters? Such as volcanos, plagues, hurricanes etc. Given these have had such a substantial impact on history it seems reasonable to add them but I can see how it may be unrealistic to do.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

There's nothing concrete. But I do want to add natural disasters at some point. Yet I don't want disasters to be simple pop-up events that just modify some superficial stats here and there. For example, earthquakes and volcanoes should affect medium sized areas and settlements might be affected differently depending on how close to the epicenter they are. Tsunamis on the other hand should devastate entire coastlines but leave inland mostly unaffected. Plagues should spread over time and over entire continents, lasting decades or even centuries.

The disasters will possibly have to be introduced separately from each other, though. So releases might introduce just one single disaster at a time. Nevertheless, each one will be meaningful.


Will a trade system be implemented? (with goods such as food, luxury goods, metals, and so on.) And if so how will trade routes work?


I don't have very specific details. But I do have plans to implement trade and I have some thoughts on how to go about it:

  • Routes will appear only between permanent settlements (or outposts) and can be either maritime or terrestrial. These routes are not necessarily trade focused. People and knowledge will move through these routes too. Settlements will appear on any terrain cell where urban development occurs, but that's a different discussion altogether...
  • Resources for the most part will be abstract and somewhat generic. There will be some basic countable resource types like foodstuff, metals, wood, stone, and wares (and maybe other types). Those resources will be produced by most settlements in different quantities, with some settlements specializing on one type of resource or another. There will also be special resources will be even more abstract, lets say for example, jade, boats, or horses, which can be produced only by some settlements and can be traded away. These special resources will possibly be not quantified. That is, a settlement producing horses will not generate 'X' quantity of horses. Instead, a settlement that 'produces' horses will receive certain bonuses and benefits from it. Other settlements receiving horses through trade will also get those benefits, though the benefits might get scaled depending on multiple factors (trade distance, environment). By the way, the plan is for all unique resources (and maybe some generic resources too) to be moddable. So modders will be able to add more special resources to the game and set their bonuses and restrictions.

So here's the tricky part of implementing trade: The game does not update all terrain cells at the same time, nor updates each cell at a regular pace. Some cells update very frequently while others update ever so rarely. This is what helps the simulation run fast. For trade (and production) to work on such a system, many things will have to be abstracted away. One of them will be accumulation. Resources will not accumulate (nor dissipate) over time. Instead, each cell, when updated, will set a 'production rate' which will define how much resources they can use and trade away at any given time. Trade between settlements will be a continuous thing, where a settlement A will continuously receive 'x' quantity of a specific resource from settlement B until settlement B updates and calculates a new production rate for that specific resource. At which point, settlement A will start receiving 'y' amount of resources instead.

Just be aware that all of these ideas are in flux. I might end up going for a very completely solution once I start working on trade. But be sure that I will add trade to the game in one way or another.

How do I check Tech trees if they exist?

Developer (1 edit)

There won't be tech trees at all. Discoveries and knowledges will be tied to events which might or might not happen depending on environmental and historical circumstances. You can check which discoveries and knowledges have been made by enabling the respective overlays. Also, in the next version you'll be able to mod those discoveries to improve them or add more of them.

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Will there be or is there a war system between tribes?


Yes, of course! Inter tribal conflict will be the focus of version 0.3.4. You can take a look at the roadmap of what's to come in the next following versions here.

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What do the numbers for language mean? Or do they mean nothing at all? Also will the language system be updated?  Like with if a region is separated for a long time the languages will break up, but still be mutually intelligible? Also any ideas for ethnic groups or cultures? Also will there be politics/political parties? Kinda like clans but less based on family. And any ideas on how those would work?


The numbers are just Ids to identify them. I mean to give languages actual names but I haven't gone through that. My plan is to rewrite languages in version 0.3.7 and actually make them evolve. I haven't tough about the details though. So I can't tell you how that's going to work.

As far as the game goes, cultures and ethnic groups are pretty much the same thing. And you could say a tribe is both an ethnic group and a form of government. Once I get to implement different forms of government though I might split up the concept of ethnicity from national allegiance.

There will be political parties, though right now that's too far in the future to even think about. They will be based on the faction system though, which is how clans are defined right now. Every clan is it's own faction, noble houses will be factions, and so political parties will to be factions.

Hey, can this be made into a MacOS friendly game? 


It will. The game is almost halfway through the Patreon goal for it so I can see that happening soon.


Hi, will you add cities ?


Of course! But that will probably have to wait till I start working into trade mechanics where settlements are going to be really important.

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Will we be able to edit the world while the simulation is running?


Yes. I plan to allow world editing after the simulation starts in a future version. Hopefully you'll even be able to modify or add new cultures and polities. But that feature is still somewhat far away.


About the Preferences: Authority, Cohesion, Isolation, What do they do for a tribe? What does it mean if one is high or low?


All of these have an effect on events and leader decisions. Cohesion influences how likely is a large tribe to split (higher values means less likely). Isolation influences how well they can get along with neighboring tribes and the chance of merging with one of them (high values means more likely). Authority effects the capacity of a leader to influence a decision. For example, under high authority preference, a leader can more easily prevent a tribe from splitting if they wish so. With low authority it's much less likely they can do anything about it.

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a few things 1. do you think you will add in a way to slow it down under 1000 years a sec like maybe 10 or 5 years do you feel about making the devoplment around certain inventions speed up or caused religion or the relgion adapting to more modern tech 3. will imperialism and colonialism be in the game 4. are you satfised with the random name generator because the names look like  a druken native welsh speaker trying to speak Dutch back words 5. will there be animals and how much will they play a factor into development because in real history the reason native Americans were so technoglicly behind was really because of there lack of cattle horses and other usful Eurasian wildlife and the huge role that horses played in building the Mongol empire 

  1. I'm not sure if I understand this question. You can already slow down the game all the way to 1 day per sec using the time controls and the number keys. The speeds you can choose are, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, 1 year, 10 years, 100 years, 1000 years, and unlimited.
  2. Once I get to work on religions I'll think about how to make other inventions influence it (the printing press is a good example)
  3. Imperialism and colonialism will be in the game in a very abstract way. You might not even recognize them as such.
  4. I'm not satisfied with the random name generator. But future iterations of it might look the same to you. Consider this sentence in actual Georgian:

"q'vela adamiani ibadeba tavisupali da tanasts'ori tavisi ghirsebita da uplebebit. mat minich'ebuli akvt goneba da sindisi da ertmanetis mimart unda iktseodnen dzmobis sulisk'vetebit"

It might look like gibberish for someone who is completely unfamiliar with the language. There's no way I can make random languages look intelligible for native English speakers unless I restrict them to look like simple variations of languages they are already familiar with.

5. There will be animals but they'll be pretty much the same as any other resource ("wood", "stone", "horses", etc). The benefits they provide will be defined through mod files. So you can give a culture with access to horses, and related technologies, a huge military advantage over cultures that do not have access to horses.

thanks even if you don't include these features I cant thank you enough this is really the epidemy of a game I wanted but never could find

Will we be able to change a Tribe/Kingdom/Empire/Natiom/Religion/City's name eventually?


Possibly yes. But not in a direct way. You'll be allowed to select a new name for a list of possibilities or to construct your own using a list of available words. This is because all words need to be translatable into the culture's language.
This is just an idea though. I might come up with something completely different once I get to it.


Will events like diseases exist? Like the black plague or the spanish flu?


Yup, but I haven't thought too deeply how that's going to work.

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Is there a release date for the update that contains more civilization types (Kingdoms, Empires etc.) and wars?


As far as I know it will be update 0.4


0.4, besides Tribes, will have at least Chiefdoms and Kingdoms. More advanced forms of government will come after 0.4

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I was asking for a specific date, not a version.

And what about wars? So far all my tribes do is just sit there, doing nothing after colonising.


There are no dates set for any version. It's hard to predict how much work is going to go into each one. I'll start working on wars after this upcoming release.

Ah okay, thanks

Will you be able to take control of tribes/countries?


Not directly. Everything will be done through factions like in the current version (a clan is a type of faction in the game). Every polity will have at least one dominant faction. And if you control the dominant faction then you'll control the polity too. The idea is that you will have to care not just about administering a polity, but also maintaining power. The decisions you make might cause your faction to lose dominance which then you'll need to regain. You can also try breaking your faction from its parent polity to join another one or form it's own.

Very interesting, thanks!

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will more advanced technologies come after 0.4 or if not what are the approximate dates for new technological releases


I'll say that technologies are secondary to other features in the game. I'll introduce technologies as they become necessary for other features. For example, to introduce sea migration I had to add boat making as a discovery and shipbuilding as a knowledge. To introduce farming as an activity, I had to add plant cultivation as a discovery and agriculture as a knowledge.

So, the next feature I'll be working on is warfare (0.3.4). Which means that I'll have to introduce some warfare related discoveries (weapon types) and knowledges (tactics?). For the economy and trading features (after 0.4) I'll do the same (coinage?).

okay thanks :)

How much progress have you made for the next update?


You can check the blog and the roadmap to see the progress. I'm basically done with all the features for the next release. But there's at least one month worth of cleanup work that I need to do (plus a halfway done mini-feature I'll talk about later). It has been somewhat slow given that the last version came five months ago. But I can only work during the weekends (plus a little bit here and there over the rest of the week).

Every week I make a new post here on explaining how much I got done since the last one.

Alright, thanks!


First, would like to say that I love the game and the dedication you've put into it. How historically accurate do you want it to be (like in terms of where civilizations form and stuff like that)?

Developer (2 edits)

Well, when I first started this project I wanted it to be the most accurate world history simulation ever. Since then I have tempered my expectations quite a bit. I still want the game to be accurate but within reason. Yet, more than being realistic, I want things to be sensible. That is, what happens within the game has to make some sort of sense and be the logical consequence of past events. I want to remove the game-y aspect of typical 4x or Grand Strategy games where the main focus is on streamlined and balanced gameplay... This is a simulation/sandbox game, not a strategy or competitive one. As I mentioned before, there will be no tech trees nor min-maxing of techs and units. Also, there will be no cheap imitation of real history; There will be no real historical figures, cities, wonders, nor weird mix-and-match combinations of these. No Aztecs building the Hanging Gardens or the Taj Majal, nor Japan founding Christianity or giving birth to Shakespeare. I want civilizations and cultures to evolve organically even if not being entirely realistic, and create their own unique wonders, giving birth to their own heroes, and founding original religions.

Sorry for the soapboxing. Hope this rant makes sense.

It was actually really informative, appreciate the in-depth answer. I prefer that style of accurate, but no cheap imitation


I understand the thought behind this. And I have seen some games where there is more alt history, but it isnt like a civ game. In one of them you can have the birthplace of colonization be in Malaysia, but Shakespeare is still english. Paradox Interactive is a lot more into it. Still grand strategy, with a bit of an alternate history thing. And you can, as a player, do a world conquest as Bhutan in 1945.


Yeah, I used to play EU4 a lot, and I would always try to go for the alternate history scenario. I find it kind of boring just trying to recreate the historical path for most nations. Although I appreciate the restrictions they inserted to prevent wild a-historicity. What I didn't like though is that most of those limitations are quite arbitrary. I really hated the tech cost multipliers previously assigned to culture groups. They improved greatly on this with the addition of Institutions, but still I found it a bit nonsensical that some institutions like the renaissance could only start on the Italian states for example... why? I don't see any reason it couldn't have happened in the far east first. But, oh well. Still love the game though.

So I really enjoy this game but recently I have not been able to get in the only thing I have to go off of is this message "The code execution cannot proceed because UnityPlayer.dll was not found reinstalling the program may fix this problem." I have tried to reinstall it multiple times but it always has the same message, is anyone else experiencing this problem or is it just me, and more importantly is there a way to fix it?

So apparently unityplayer.dll cannot run on my PC (Windows 10)  Is there any solutions for this?


That's weird. Is your Windows 10 version 64bit? Also, make sure both the .exe and unityplayer.dll files are unblocked (right-click on them and mark the unblock checkbox on both of them)

so I messed around a little and got a new message to pop up saying that the directory name was invalid. Do you know what that means?


I would suggest re-downloading and  unzipping the game to a completely different folder and try again. I suspect you might have corrupted your original install and that folder might no longer be usable.

Will there ever be a version of this game for, say, the Mac? I'm really curious about this game but I don't have right OS to run it.


Yes, there will be a Mac (and Linux) version at some point. I don't want to make promises but it's possible there will be a Mac version for 0.3.4 next year.

Oh, thank you. I was worried that i'd never get to try the game.

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Will the game support mods? Like modders can add inventions, cultures names etc. to the game?


More or less. I plan to add modding support for a lot of things. But it will take some time. In the following release there will be limited modding support for adding biomes and discoveries. You can find out more in the previous devlogs!

Will there be stuff like Revolutions? To watch the spread of ideologies like Liberalism and Communism and the reactions by the old regimes would be quite an interesting thing to see!


General revolts will be a thing and they could happen for many reasons. Though that feature is still far away. Toward 0.4 I'll be adding basic conflicts and slightly more advanced forms of governments (chiefdoms and kingdoms), which are going to be the base for many other things to come.



Hi! Just wanna say thanks for making this game, it looks right up my alley. It is similar to Galimulator, a galactic civilization simulator I think you'd enjoy. Anyways, I'd like to know if technologies or knowledges can be forgotten if not used for long enough. For example, if a nation becomes landlocked deep in the continent, would it forget its seafaring days? I'd also like to let you know that me, along with many others, have seen this game because of a Youtuber named Drew Durnil(video link) so if you are confused as to why several people are asking questions so soon, that's why. I hope to continue to follow development and can't wait for more!


Yeah I love Galimulator! It's a very amazing game.
Technologies (or rather, discoveries) can be forgotten. For example, if you observe how discoveries spread using the discovery overlay, you'll notice that landlocked human groups that had the shipbuilding knowledge begin to lose it over time (though it takes quite some time). To hold a discovery, a groups must actively use it (or rather, use the knowledge associated with that discovery)

Will there be a mobile edition?


It's not planned, but I might give a try to porting the game to mobile at some point in the future.

Hi. Will there be in the future vassals/puppet states?


More or less, yes. A powerful polity will be able to impose its will upon weaker polities through military or economic means, and force them to ally with them, share resources, or even replace their government. Though I'm still not sure how all of this is going to work. Hopefully I'll be able to touch on that before the release of version 0.4


I like a lot the idea of the game,  it is the tipe of game I love, and Ive never finf something like this. I hope you will be able to continue on it and make the game a lot better, you are doing a great job :D


Thank you!

Are you planning to release this game on steam?


At some point in the long future yes, hehe. Though first I want to make this into a more playable game instead of just a very limited sandbox.

Will languages have names ?


Yep! By version 0.3.7 they will

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Will we in the future have the ability to download a randomly generated map? (Preferably in the same style as the maps you can "insert")

I mean like, I want to edit maps in, but I cannot download any regenated maps and drawing your own can b quite hard as darkness and brightness tints of gray really make weird heights sometimes, it's hard to find the perfect balance between darkness and brightness.


There's an export function (in options) in the game that will convert a map into an image. But I haven't made it so that it export greyscale heightmaps directly. It's on my list of ToDos.

Hi, first of all I have always wanted a game like this and can't wait to see how it advances, secondly I was just wondering, considering how the modern form of humans have been around for 200000 years but we have made more advancement and seen incredible population growth in the last 200 years than in all the rest of human history with factors like globalisation, do you intend to keep this exponential growth in the game or is it going to be more linear? I have no preference as I think it could work well either way. 


Well, it all depends on the power of the simulation. Exponential growth is just a result of its underlying behavior. In some worlds, the population grows exponentially while in others it stagnates. Knowledge should also grow exponentially, but I did put a limiting factor on knowledge growth that is based on what discoveries become available. The more discoveries are made, the farther this limit expands. So, if the population stops making discoveries, knowledge growth eventually stagnates.

One thing to note is that the passage of time slow downs as more and more things start to happen in the world. So it might seem that growth slow downs and becomes linear.

Sounds good, thank you!

Will there be an increase in speed of what happen in the game ? Because in real life in 1000 years most countries disappear, but in the game tribes change territories every 1000 years, I think what happens in 1000 years in the actual game should be changed to 10 years.

Developer (1 edit)

My hope is that with the inclusion of more politics-related mechanics like government changes, successions, and wars, polities will appear and disappear more quickly. Also, many of the events that currently occur in the game are tailored to happen less frequently than they would occur in real life. The reason being that increasing their frequency would actually slow down the game. But that's something temporary and it will moddable eventually. So you'll be able to adjust how frequently polity-shaking events happen.