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Jump and bark your way to the ball · By Waynetron

Small bug report

A topic by the_chief_bear created Jan 15, 2022 Views: 123 Replies: 1
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Great game, loved playing it, had a blast. The difficulty seems really well designed, if a bit too tricky in some sections, but that might just be me. Anyways I found a small bug, which isn't game breaking, and the game even slightly benefits from. If you ly the dog on a a 45 degree angle and mash the small jump button, you build up speed exponentially and can go flying. YOu need a bit of distance to build up the speed, hence it not being game breaking, and it's actually fun to use when you can. Fix it if you want but just thought i'd bring it up. Great game overall.


Oh that's really cool. I mostly tested on gamepad, so didn't know of that one. No way would I take it out though. Any method for getting to the end is valid.

The game is definitely much harder on keyboard (for me at least). Which is a shame.