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pretty cute, if you recast too quickly animations break though

i found one where once i blew up the gas bottle everything stopped working, couldn't wallrun, vault or climb up. Restarted game and everything was fine, my friend had the exact same issue but earlier in the game. 

Really fun game, a few small criticisms. felt weird that you can only find out about diving from the itch page, even if it is kinda useless, maybe make a one way platform to land on between screens, as you can get caught going up and down pretty easily. Other than that fun game with fluid movement and a cool secret hidden at the start after you;ve beaten the game. <3

0:59, could be better could be worse

Barkour community · Created a new topic Small bug report

Great game, loved playing it, had a blast. The difficulty seems really well designed, if a bit too tricky in some sections, but that might just be me. Anyways I found a small bug, which isn't game breaking, and the game even slightly benefits from. If you ly the dog on a a 45 degree angle and mash the small jump button, you build up speed exponentially and can go flying. YOu need a bit of distance to build up the speed, hence it not being game breaking, and it's actually fun to use when you can. Fix it if you want but just thought i'd bring it up. Great game overall.

Also sidenote but where do you go after you've parryed the bullets? I feel like I've xplored the entire map with nowhere to go

If you take the train to the second city(forgot its name) and run straight right, with a bit of parkour you can fall into the void, this softlocks the game.

This is a really fun game if a bit short. The way you teach the player through levels is really fun, meaning the whole game feels really immersive, especially with the short snippets of story. Everything just perfectly adds to the immersion. My only big one complaint is there is one level which completely shatters my immersion. In the final area, when you go to the left and you have to jump over the lava with a turret shooting you. The level sucks. The physics randomly stop working and you cant jump for a couple lives, grabbing onto the ledges is super jank. The final jump in particular is annoying, half the time the character will grab onto the top platform and just get shot with no way to avoid it, and the other half youll miss the  bottom platform completly. Overall just the shape of that level and the distance between platforms make really awkard jumps. It needs a complete overhaul imo. Other than that one level amazing game had loads and loads of fun, cant wait for the full version.

I got the same bug occuring to me, any idea how to fix it?

fun game but the motion blur + bad fps ruins the entire experience. Also the rubbish bins are super glitchy and launch you everywhere. the upstairs feels a bit pointless and the physics kinda suck. The main gameplay is fun but again the motion blur makes it super hard to aim and kinda ruins your immersion. With a bit of work this could be really fun. Also the settings menu could be greatly improved if you added some sound settings as well as some other things.