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Local multiplayer basketball with birds · By Waynetron

4v4 clearly made but not used

A topic by spu2iix created Aug 31, 2023 Views: 99 Replies: 1
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At someone's request, 4v4 was supposedly added into the game, but for some reason the current version is 2v2.
The birds and abilities are just sitting there, unused, so nobody can play as Canary or Duck, only seagull.
Why? Also, in terms of modding adding new bots is basically not possible unless you replace the already existing ones,
Massive L tbh, this could be more playable with more modding support


We tried out 4v4 for a laugh. But the balance of the game was pretty broken. Was very difficult for either team to score. That and the UI doesn't really support it - 6 players might work though I suppose.
Modding support could be interesting, but I wouldn't want to commit to something that I might never get around to implementing. What if I just open sourced the game?