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Hello Again, Everyone: Is safe download games form here?

A topic by Bordem Studios created Jan 04, 2018 Views: 4,064 Replies: 3
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I don't know about downloading games form this wed site, I don't know everyone' s games are safe. It's because try to download form here it says "This game can harm your device, are you sure?" Please tell me thanks.

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Windows has default security settings that show a frightening warning when you download any executable off that internet that isn't signed with a paid certificate. You can get around this warning by using our desktop app. Additionally, our desktop app has a sandbox mode that you can use to run games is a environment with restricted settings.

To answer whether games are safe, in general, yes they are. But, keep in mind that anyone can publish a project page on You should use the same discretion you use when downloading any program off the internet. If you think something is suspicious then don't download it and report it. We process reports daily and if we find anything malicious we instantly ban the page.


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I tried downloading many games here and all is safe. I assure you that all the games in itcho is very safe when downloading.