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Do you allow comments?

A topic by Bela created Jun 06, 2016 Views: 700 Replies: 9
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I posted my first game a month ago, and I've found the comments section to be a pretty useful source of feedback, but I've noticed a lot of devs choose to not allow comments under their games. Do you allow comments? Why or why not?


I do allow comments. If I didn't want to hear back from my audience, I'd be working through a publisher. Besides, the comment section is a good way to meet new like-minded people, and see what they're working on. So, a win all around.

Of course, enabling comments does make you responsible for moderation, but that's normal. I imagine not everyone has the time, though.

That's a good point. Moderation was the only thing a came up with too.


The comments section can be a double-edged sword, since feedback will be both positive and negative. Negative feedback is an opportunity to connect with players and improve on your work. While it can be intimidating to switch on the comments, and know there is potential for someone to say something harsh, it's also a chance to start building your audience and connecting with your fans :)

Yeah, it can really sting when someone gives you "constructive criticism", but over all I think feedback helps a lot.


Most people I know who comment on my stuff do so through social media and not the forums. Comments only are important to me for game jams.


When I look at games I like to read the comments. So I'll leave them on for my games for the same reason.
And I find the comments people leave are usually quite positive.

I do yes. Not that all feedback is as constructive as I want it to be but oh well.. Getting comments on one of my projects is a sign that someone took the time to take a look at it (even if the look was a small one) and that is somehow satisfying. It tells me it got people's attention and that is a good thing to start with.

Ummm this thread is old but I also want to say some words.

I actually tend to disable the comments, because it usually consists of people advertising their let's play or asking for help with the game etc.

The discussions board are a step in a good direction imo, since it allows to categorize the comments.

Yeah... now that my game has a decent amount of comments, I've noticed lots of let's plays. Honestly though, I value these let's plays a lot. I take notes and find common threads of what people are saying, treating it almost like test plays. Maybe next time I'll try discussion boards though.