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Thank you

Thanks for your feedback man!

Thank you!

Dude thank you so much for telling me how to fix that! Thanks for the feedback.

You just gotta kinda hit the box at different angles but it's a learning curve I suppose. Thank you for playing!

It looks great! But I don't quite know what I did or if I even did good and what not. But it did look very polished so good job!

Loved the graphics and the game idea itself! I haven't seen a lot of UFO kidnapping games before but now I demand for there to be more!! loved all the game play, it was easy to learn, and it all worked together great so it was very polished i'd say. Good job man!

I really enjoyed this one! I'm a sucker for racing games and you really nailed it. No complaints from me good job man!

God I love a good racing game! the car handling felt great on a keyboard and I like how you have to jump out of your car in the middle of the track for a little pit stop. Good job man!

Feel like the beginning text went a bit overkill but the game play was solid. Cool game man!

Loved how it all looked and the knock back of the rocks whenever you hit it. Very well put together!

I thought it was really cool but definitely could've benefited with a shorter level. Good job man!

Easily one of the most polished games I've played yet! Really did a good job at keeping the player playing. Love the game!

absolutely loved the look of the game. Other then the jumping I thought the game was pretty solid. Good job man!

Love the bounce suggestion! thank you for your feedback.

Thank you so much for playing!

Really liked it, game play could've really benefited from some sort of visual effects (unity particle system) and a crosshair would've made it a lot more enjoyable to shoot. Great job man!

Good job man! other then the blurry assets you did a good job.

Great game man and a really cool idea. The only annoyance I found was that my farmers would get stuck on buildings constantly. Other than that i'm really impressed good job man!

Thanks man! glad you liked it.

I thought it was a neat idea ! I liked the soundtrack and the only complaint I have is that it's pretty annoying when you go onto the next level and have to restart because you lost a direction from the last level. Other then that slight annoyance I thought it was really cool. good job man!

Truly incredible man! what a fun and trippy new experience; just the right amount of challenge for me.

The game looked and sounded pretty awesome! Though the jumping was a bit awkward like Richard Woods said I don't really have too many other complaints. good job man!

Thanks for your feedback ! I agree.

No problem :D

What a fantastic game ! I have never blinked with such anticipation before. The blinking mechanic makes things so stressful when you're trying to find that next lever but the blink meter is almost down but then you don't want to blink because you just don't know what's going to happen next ! The ambiance and footsteps also really improves the whole aesthetic of this beautifully looking game.

Thank you for playing ! happy to hear that the sounds were quite scary.

I'm happy you enjoyed it !

I'm so glad you got spooked ! and there is a tree border around the map but I definitely could've downsized the map to help with these problems for sure ! thank you for your feedback.

Yeah I had thought of using some sort of mini map so that the player could at least know what all they had explored but didn’t have much time too. Thank you for your feedback !

glad you enjoyed ! And I’m not sure what game engine you’re using but I’m using Unity 2019 and if you’re using that then here’s a fantastic tutorial -

Thank you ! that's what I was going for.

Thank you for your feedback and for the game jam ! I was working on adding a lot more to the enemy but had to scrap it due to running out of time.  Had fun participating !

Thank you so much ! Glad you got a little scare.

Glad you enjoyed it ! I agree the abrasive enemy sound definitely could've been lowered and all the soda spawn in random places every time you click play. Thank you for your feedback.

10/10 would pick my nose again !

Liked the sound design and just the story in general... Great game !

I really enjoyed the visuals in this game and just would love too see more to the game. Good game !

The whole maze mechanic was something I have never seen before and I loved it ! great game .