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A thought exercise
outer space
animals are our religion
exploring externalities of internal conflict

I loved the intro cinematic and it was a nice level design. I wish I could move around faster!

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a fever dream bastion of hope within hope

vector deletion carmel creation

i am wowed by the desire

love and fire

pew i hit the moon

Hitting an asteroid scared me on headphones lol!

I like the minimal visual style, a gentler introduction would be nice though!

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for playing! Lots more to come in the near future.

Thanks for the feedback! I am hoping to do some more work on this game soon!

I’m really excited about Amethyst! I’ve actually joined the team of maintainers to help transition the engine to the new ECS they’ve built.

I have been keeping tabs on Bevy as well. They are both cool projects with different abilities and advantages.

I hang out in the amethyst discord a bunch if you want to chat!

This is a good simulation game! Those moon people love to get busy :)

Thanks for reviewing and playing the game! I’m hoping to make it bigger and better soon!

I launched that cat so hard! I want more fishies!

Thanks for this game!

Beautiful illustrations! I wish it was a little faster paced, but nice world building!

Thanks for a great submission!

I can’t believe it’s finally all mine! I love puzzle games so this was pretty cool, although I had some trouble with some of the mechanics and maintaining my orientation but I think that’s on purpose haha.

Thanks for a fun game!

pew pew pew, I liked the movement vectors feedback and sounds. I wish I knew how close I was to killing enemies when I fail on an attack.

Thanks for submitting!

Cool collecting game! Thanks for submitting!

Awesome game @grzi and awesome use of Amethyst! I’ve also used Amethyst in my game and I think the community is really great! :)

You could add an easy mode where you don’t die but it counts your hits against your score at the end of the level.

Thanks for submitting (and contributing to Amethyst)!

I like the rocket feeling “heavy” and hard to get there. Sounds would be satisfying.

Thanks for submitting!

I like collection and avoidance games. I would give the player some more health and a background that moves to make it clear that the player is moving.

Sound is a huge bonus!

Thanks for submitting!

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I couldn’t get the round to start and didn’t have another person to play with. I like the tutorial instructions with pictorial graphics.

Thanks for submitting!

I like the graphics and the concept of linking planets, but I couldn’t figure out all the controls. Also you should mention that .NET 3.1 is required because had to install to get game running.

Thanks for submitting!

The graphics are really nice, parallax! Sounds would be a big improvement.

Thanks for submitting!

This moon is very green! :)

Thanks for submitting!

Pixel Kerbal? It’s a cool idea, I wish there was more tutorial and you could unlock new parts. I wish I knew how far I was from the moon more graphically.

Thanks for submitting!

This is a really fun mechanic! I’d like the moon to be larger with different “scoring” zones, shooting supplies such as a ammo and fuel to the rocket instead of just the character, and some good audio. You could launch the rocket similar to the player after collecting enough stuff as the final level.

Keep working on it, could be a killer mobile game!

Thanks for submmitting!

I like the instadeath enemies and audio, they were very intimidating! I wish the mouse were a bit more sensitive though and picking up rocks were based on proximity, not the cursor direction. Thanks for submitting!

I wish I could see a litte more behind me, but I love shoot ’em ups. Thanks for submitting!

The graphics are cool and I like the idea. Some good music and a little physics improvements (I was sliding around a lot) and I could play for a good while! Thanks for submitting!

I like the concept, and the graphics are cool! Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

I got 15 points! Thanks for submitting!

I really like the graphics and the incorporation of HUD in to the game. Some more exposition about your goal and controls would be a huge improvement.

Thanks for rating my game and submitting your own!

I like the audio kid voice sounds a lot! I didn’t have a second person to play with when testing but was able to “play” against myself with a DS4 controller and score a goal! More background animations and some upbeat music would be fun (and slightly quieter default volume).

Thanks for submitting a game!

There are instructions on the game page but I will add some here! Thanks for playing!

I don’t know how “moonshot” this is, but it is a cool idea that could go places. Interested to see how it develops!

This game uses WaveFormCollapse based level generation. It has an editor to prepare any 2d tileset for use by the algorithm to generate new levels.

Has a cool Among Us vibe and I like the graphics. Don’t have anyone to play with at the moment and needs more instructions of how to play. Thanks for submitting!

I ran your node app and was able to play the demo. I like the idea of catching and using asteroids as ammunition, and if I extrapolate a story it’s that you are trying to deal with an asteroid storm of some sort and have to blow up a moon? Anyway cool idea and you should keep going with it!

Can’t seem how to figure out controls without VR helmet. Please include some help or readme with the game next time ;)