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Thanks for playing! That animation bug only showed up in the built WebGL version and we ran out of time to get it fixed unfortunately. I'll take a look at your game later today!

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Thanks!  Yeah that animation bug only showed up in the WebGL version of the game unfortunately - it was perfectly fine in editor. I spent a couple hours trying to fix it but had to give up at 2am on submission day. The fun of a game jam!

Glad you liked it! We had plans for more but ran out of time. I had timed switches to add for more complicated puzzles, but didn't get the sounds ready in time so we left them out.

Thanks! There were two of us working on this. We thought there would be a lot of horror entries in this jam so we went in a different direction. :)

Congrats on completing the jam! I think this was a very unique approach. I can tell you have big plans. I think some polish would make this game really cool!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! It's important in a game jam to keep the game short enough, or else most folks lose interest - especially when there are another 950 other games to play! 

I would've loved to have the time to spend more time on the UI, but always have to cut some corners in a game jam.

Congrats on completing the jam! Took a bit to get the jumping but it worked well when moving fast. I ran into a somewhat odd issue with the gun, it would shoot once and then there was a delay, but if you kept spamming it it would rapid fire. When I walked past the angel and demon, their text stayed on my screen for the rest of the play time.

Congrats on completing the game jam! I liked your concept, art, and story. I do wish there had been one final cutscene where the necromancer gave up in disgust.

Congrats on completing the jam! I've seen several games where you die and use your body to progress but this one is by far the best. I thought the art was great and the level design was perfect, especially with some checkpoints to save us from running through the same solved puzzles we had already died through.

Congrats on completing the jam!

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Congrats on completing the jam! I liked being a robot head! I thought it was very cool to be able to take over any enemy as long as you took out it's control unit. I had a bit of trouble with aiming  but I got used to it after a bit.

Congrats on completing the jam! This was a fun little game, straightforward but enjoyable. I found I could cheese the zombies by hiding on the stairs in the upper right corner, I got almost to a score of 50 like that before the suck failed me by going in an unintended direction. Lots of fun!

I gave it another shot and I found it much better this time around! A lot less punishing to get smacked. Was a lot of fun and I made it all the way to max size. If you kept developing after the jam, it'd be awesome if you could grow larger and larger and transform back into a planet.

Congrats on completing the jam! An interesting take on an old classic. If you make adjustments to this game, I think you should consider increasing the pickup radius of the pellets - it was a bit frustrating to miss them while traveling down a corridor.

Congrats on completing the jam! I had fun with this, but it is definitely difficult. Some ability to speed up, or way to knock enemies back to create a bit of breathing room would be awesome.

Congrats on completing the jam! I did not expect to see 3d space combat in a game jam, but it was fun! A first-person/cockpit view would be awesome!

Congrats on completing the jam! I thought your game fit the theme well and overall was put together well. One suggestion/comment would be to change the attack and (maybe) dash controls. Trying to move left while attacking was very awkward, and trying to move right and attack was bookmarking the page (ctrl+d)! Left click to attack would really help.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much!

I see what you did there

Congrats on completing the jam. I liked a lot of the little flavor touches. Unfortunately, I ran into a bug right at the very end - I died in the ritual room with two cats alive and they kept hitting me over and over. It looked like it was resetting the death animation each time they hit me so I didn't actually "die" and so I couldn't progress without starting over completely.

Congrats on completing the jam! I thought it was fun and just the right scope for a jam game. If you were to expand it, it would be cool to include new spells to purchase and further upgrades. More enemy variations, or a larger level with multiple platforms would be awesome too. It would have a very Risk of Rain feel to it then.

I did notice that the difficulty seemed to stop growing after a point, and my character was so powerful that nothing could touch them. One minor issue I ran into is that upgrading acrobatics was actually detrimental - Instead of the bees flying at the top of my jumping arc, I had to time my shots to take them down.

Thanks for playing!

Both of the things you mention were things we wanted to do but didn't have time to add. Always the way with jam games, especially since the whole team lost 3 days to a power/internet outage in our city.

I have good news for you about the music! It's available on YouTube. A friend likes to make video game music in his spare time and comes up with some really good tunes:

Congrats on completing the jam! Once (I think) I completed the intro/tutorial nothing happened, I had to manually advance it to the game, that was a bit odd. I thought the obelisk and lightning bolt were really cool. I'd love to see some upgrades - either for your player or for the obelisk - and different abilities.

Congrats on completing the jam! Shakespeare quotes in a game jam - definitely a unique take! I liked that it was a very different take on a vampire survivors type game. Some sfx would be a great addition. :)

Congrats on completing the jam! I liked your take on not only leaving bodies behind but also exploding them! I found the SFX very loud - a volume slider would be an amazing addition.

Congrats on completing the jam! I loved the darkness. As other commenters said, it took a little bit for me to realize that there was a cutscene to start but it was smooth sailing after that.

Congrats on completing the jam! Took a bit to figure out the flow but it was a neat concept once I wrapped my head around it. I liked the take on the theme. I'm glad there is a zoom, but I would love if the cards were a little bigger by default. :)

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Congrats on completing the jam! I liked the mechanic and that the levels were short and quick to play through and still managed to have a new mechanic or twist to each. I liked how the hands trailed behind the character as it moved. The game kept forcing itself to fullscreen repeatedly on every level transition and didn't seem to handle non-fullscreen resolutions well. SFX/music would have been a good add.

Congrats on completing the jam! I was tensing up for a straight shot to the feels but it was a feelgood instead!

A couple suggestions:

  • when you set up your Canvas in unity, you might want to check out the option that lets you scale with screen size based on a reference resolution - I noticed some of your art in various scenes didn't resize to match for a larger monitor.
  • The button to advance dialogue also jumped around a bit - it'd be awesome if that stayed in one place, or to let any key press advance the dialogue to the next step.

Congrats on completing the jam! I liked your level transition, it was a bit trippy in a good way. Neat concept! As a suggestion, I would allow any key or click to advance the story instead of just enter, and placing your intro text into a panel (like your ending text) would make it easier to read. :)

Thanks for playing! We had to compress the numbers a couple times to try and hit our target of 10-15 mins playtime, it definitely resulted in a less linear progression. I would've loved to include more (different) types of upgrades for sure, just ran out of time and decided to polish what we had. :)

Congrats on completing the jam! I like vampire survivors so this was great. Loot and stats and weapon variety was well done. On a 4k monitor the UI was unfortunately very very small.

Congrats on completing the jam! I found it similar to vampire survivors but with more clicking. I think other commenters have made some good points. I would also suggest some sort of indication on how long it will be before the necromancer spawns - there was a good few minutes of wandering around obliterating everything wondering where he was or when he was spawning. I wasn't sure whether it was time based or level based or enemies killed. When I found him I basically instantly killed him.

Congrats on completing the jam! I enjoyed the puzzles, they were well done! I can't think of anything to add except "more levels!"

Congrats on completing the jam! I think you did a great job at the theme. A short tutorial or description that dying in a specific way granted you a specific power would be a great addition.

Congrats on finishing the jam! I liked the concept of tripping up the NPCs to win. I highly appreciate that you included a way to lower game sound volume. WASD controls would be an awesome addition.

Congrats on completing the jam! A suggestion would be to add a counter to indicate progress or score to a user - either the amount of time they've survived or the number of waves they've successfully passed.

Thanks! I definitely agree. We had plans for more art changes as you bought upgrades or a certain number of each building but ran into time constraints. UI SFX would've been good to provide feedback as well.