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the cooldowns are forever, but refresh when you touch the ground

I got a score of 3! I wish there were more levels but I really liked the time slow effect. Good job!

This is probably my favorite one of this type of game I've seen this jam- I really liked how you added more than one die to the puzzles.

The aesthetic was amazing and I really loves the vibes of the game! I think that the combat itself felt a little bit too random for my taste and I didn't really feel like I had as much of an impact on if I won or lost than the dice did. I think I agree with ThatANonoWord in that some type of indicator could make the game feel more strategic. 

I would love to be able to play this in some multiplayer way as well!

Good job!

I had fun! I think that with a little more polish the gameplay and concept is really good and the game does feel nice to play. I do think that having to use arrow keys with the mouse was a little bit awkward. Good job!

Really good game! I had a lot of fun playing and it looked really good! I liked the combat having the phase where you set up your rolls and also having the phase where you drag the dice! Really good job!

Really good aesthetic and loved the control scheme- In most of these games I normally feel like I'm moving randomly to hope that the right side comes up but this one forced me to think a little bit before making moves and I really liked it!

It was fun once I got the hang of it! I think some sort of indicator to show how far the die will roll while you are holding the key could be helpful.

That was a lot of fun! It took a second for me to get used to it, but after that little bit it was one of my favorite games of the jam! I almost died at the very start, and have around 1 health, but I got a bunch of sixes eventually and I think I set up a defense that won't ever lose.

Really good job!

Really good job! Loved the design and everything about it! Definitely the best execution of "move number of spaces on the die" that I've seen so far this jam!

it's not random- it counts up by one every time you press the spacebar

Wow that game was amazing!! It's crazy how much fun that was- my favorite game of the jam so far!!

If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. This game is like teaching someone how to fish.

That was really cool! I loved the gameplay and the aesthetic was also very nice. My only complaint is that the animation that rolled the dice looked a little weird but other than that, really good job!

Loved the idea! I think that animations to show the die rolling could be very helpful- I also think that a grid would be nice, and most importantly, I don't have a reference die with me, so I think that some image or some way to view the sides of a d6 could be helpful.

Really only small gripes, I loved the idea and think this was a very cool puzzle game!

Loved the vibes! Piano was very cool, and the art was awesome as well- however, I think that the gameplay didn't feel very original and I wish that there was something to build on the yahtzee mechanic a little bit more like Kings of Tokyo.

Really loved the vibes! Gambler's Fallacy Law is a very good title lol

Gameplay is very cool- I like the idea of a REIGNS-style game where your choices don't always go into effect- one complaint I have is that the policies don't feel like they have enough impact on the stats to matter- my comparison is that it's really easy for me to lose a REIGNS game in a couple of seconds, but it would take really long for me to lose this game, even while trying.

This game was really cool! I was a little intimidated by the screen before playing where you selected difficulty but the actual gameplay was really interesting.

The platformer section is really good, but I feel like the dice mechanic isn't very cohesive with the rest of the game.

This was a lot of fun! I really liked the combat and the idea was very cool. I think it could be cool to see more modifiers for goals like maybe incentivizing the player to be hit by some types of enemies.

I really liked it! The numbers being in the names of all the guns is a really nice small touch :)

This game looked and played very well! I really liked the mechanic. I wish there was something to say what the best possible score was on each level, but that's a really minor complaint and this game is incredible for the two day time period :)

Really good job! I loved the aesthetic and the gameplay was really fun too! It felt really nice to control!

(I also really liked the title)

I really liked the mechanic and it was a lot of fun to play! I had a lot of fun making my bird go really fast. I think the game could look a little more polished, and to add on to the mechanic of the game I think it would be nice to have some sort of display so the player would have more feedback on how their stats were changing. Really good job, and one of my favorite mechanics I've seen this jam so far!

The combat was really satisfying!

I felt like it took me too long to find the enemies at the start of each wave but other than that great job!

It was really cool! I liked the art style a ton and the procedural stuff was all very cool- my only complaint is that I would've liked something to make the rooms feel more distinguished from eachother.

I would totally pay for a more fleshed out version of this game with rooms that had enemies and obstacles and things- the core mechanic is very cool.

This game was fun! I think that most of the curses weren't really very negative, and so I didn't really feel like I needed to keep it off the ground.

tysm! I agree w/ the feedback especially for one of the later levels very much, but ran out of time before I could fix that :(

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game!

Really pretty and fun game! A little scared of the red dino tho- i don't trust those eyes

I really loved how unique the qzpm controls were and thought the game was super cool. I was pretty bad at the start but i guess "pracDICE makes perfect" :) 

(The level titles were all very good)

I liked a lot of the level design too, especially with the level that was a straight line with all the rotating blue pieces.

Thanks! I just pushed a new build that should've fixed that- did you like the game?



Really cool concept, with an awesome implementation visually.  The only complaint I have is that some levels felt like they took really long to finish after I had an idea of how to finish them, because the turn felt a little bit slow. Other than that, really cool game!

ty so much! I really liked your game too!

Really awesome game! I loved the mechanic and think it could make a really cool full game! Only complaint is that the camera was a little jarring sometimes. Other than that, really amazing job!


It's a really interesting idea! I really liked the play button part. I think that a little bit of balancing to make the noise matter more would be helpful, but other than that, the graphics and sound really made it a good experience!