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ok, I wanted to test this game before going to sleep yesterday, thinking it wouldn't take me much time. but I've play like 30mn and play it again this morning XD.
very nice game :)

overall, a very nice game

it was nice, require strategie to understand how to get near the 2 s.

I love the sound of the tentacule in the morning

I lie I lived around 42s, but hummmm.... it round to 1mn XD

a match 4 that work very well


but the game is both very simple and very cool.

and open source <3

click seems buggy for me (sometime unresponding, sometime mix was simply not working), which is sad, because the graphisme was good, and the gameplay seems cool.

i don't know if i love the audio, or purely hate it.

otherwise the game was interesting, and fun. and innovating.

the intro was rad.

the gameplay could be improve. but it's not far from been good.

I guess you was too ambitious and try to have too much levels/content which make a very unfinish game. 

I'm bad at the game, but was fnu. (but barly manage to live 1mn)

also the engine is in C, and the game in scheme (s7 to be more precise) :)

bon le jeu est clairement pas rat...é !  (it mean the game wasn't bad, but with a pun with rat, and rater)

I find the control a little clumpy (crunchy ? pas fluide ? unsmooth ? frustrating ? NOT SURE OF THE GOOD WORD TO USE)

But the game is really interesting. a little more work on the control, and the game could be a banger.

and nive work on finding a gameplay that work really really well with the theme (5 stars !)

the game was very cute

cool game that really try to use smartly the theme !

i got out, i won, youhou \o/

yes, the idea, was that that fight is automatic, but you can interact on it, be restarting the game (which create a reminiscence).

love it. (and hate you a little, because our game use a somewhat similar idea, but your game is just better)

wave 200 \o/

i do tend to spend too much time on TD XD

44 points.

(1 edit)

the idea to have a finit idle game, is pretty good, i mean it's a big break with the basic of iddle game, that the more time you spend on the game, the stronger you are, but this is an interesting idea.

the timer doesn't add much, (but still nice to have)

otherwise, i really enjoy the game. it's nice to have a game that give me headaches in the good way.

it's beautiful, but i'm too dumb to understand how to play

could be a very nice educative game.

i find the height of of jump and the speed of the girl a little frustrating though.

very cool to have manage to give a message we so few text. 

(but i did not manage to go after ending 1/6, so i guess i miss 6/6)

is 4 picture the max ? anyway the game was fun.

so far it's the game that exploit the theme of the jam the best !

it remind me a little Papers, Please.

j'ai pas comprit

I lost again the boss :(

very simple mechanism, but very enjoyable.

i beat the game \o/

i was to play this game, and the enjoyment i get won't get old...


wow, je suppose que ca a prit masse de temps pour faire ce jeu. c’était très beaux, et cool a jouer.

en plus retourner en arrière change l'art.

the game made me hungry. XD

so i guess there's nothing after level 3 ?
though the game was cute, and funny for the time it last.

(last level was a little annoying with the just require to get the newpapper)

wow, the game is beautiful, and after watching the source, it seems they where a lot of work here !

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Thanks for trying the game !

we should have add, a visual effect over the clock. (you can also press 'r').

basically, by clicking the clock, you restart the game, we a "ghost" helping you.

you can click the clock, only once the blue bar is full