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I've just update my profile to add my email,  don't hesitate to contact me when you'll be porting on Linux :)

Play it a few hours, really love it so I've buy it,
I play on Linux (so on wine in this case), any plan for a Linux Build ?
If you want advice, or testing I'll be happy to help.

Thanks, I've play your game too,
But I'm too bad to reach the end :(

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yes, you change the link here

It look for music in audio folder. (game_directory/audio/)

The engine is pretty simple, it take map as a global variable, use it as the fist level, and each time there's a .next in a map, there's a next level.

At first(during dev) I was using anime music, but because they're not free, I've change them for free music.

Also as my engine interpret the js code, you don't need to clone the github repo or anything, you can just change the link in the extracted archive. (though I wouldn't mind a pull request :))

map argument are like this:

    level_type (0 is generated from the music, 2 is boss and 1 is testing crap),

pattern number are from 1 to 4 (mistake I've made when I've code the engine 6 year ago, it should be 0 to 3) , you could add one by copying a pattern file, add the file in start.json and increase nbPaterns here: (Norme is another mistake from my early coding, what does norme even mean...).

Also jam are fun but don't give occasion to work on past work, I'd like to make a game jam that have for only theme to continue working in a game made in a previous jam.

Thanks, when I submit a game, I generally, look back at it, dislike the game I've made, and move on something else, (and sometime go back on my game 1,2,6 years latter
But reading your post is heart-warming so I'll try to make a better version someday. hopefully in less than a year.

yeah I though about making first level smaller, and put it just as a way to win weapons before the boss, but thought about it too late. 

The level are randomly generated by taking a music, and create enemies wave from a defined list of possible enemies patterns.
I should have work a little more on patterns to make them more poetic and make more patterns to make them less repetitive.
I spend a lot of time during the jam on improving player bullets, adding a boss, a score system, and the munition system.

Yeah I guess that's from my game,
If the bug happen a lot it would be easy to debug, but because it happen only sometime it's hard to debug.

A problem is that I use a game engine in js I've made in 2013 didn't touch the code for ~7years and decide this year to support JavaScript in a generic game engine in C on which I work,  so I have like 3 layers of key handling to debug (1 in my game engine in C, another in the one in js, and the part that really do the key handling ).
Also I've learn js while making this engine so a lot of code are ugly...

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So I've just try and that work perfectly on Arch Linux,

I didn't know it was possible to start love executable like this. (I mean the .exe)
I think most distro have love packaged, so it's okay to package the love files as Linux build.

the game was fun, beating enemies with an instrument remind me FLCL.

We don't have a Linux build because there's no way to distribute a portable Love2D project for Linux.

Actually I've just try that: and it seems to work too,  The Appimage thing is the cleaner solution, but the guide advice to use CARE which send to a dead link...

Edit: though making a portable binary for Linux seems to be the kind of stuff that would be useful for steam packaging, where require external dependency is a no go(I guess I've never package any game on steam) , but on itch I think packaging the love file is the best solution as it avoid dealing with potential odd libraries issue, and most Linux user can install love themselves.

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It's a standard SHMUP. Not the most creative game, but as a Touhou player I love SHMUP games

Well my idea was Touhou-like with a Pepper and Carrot touch :)

The game gets quite laggy after a while, especially on stage 2. Do you perhaps not remove bullet/enemy objects when they go outside of screen?

So I was pretty sure I was removing bullet once out of screen, but I double check, and...

Yes I totally forgot about player bullet (all other elem are properly remove once out of screen)

So thank for the feedback.

I try to release a new version that fix that among other stuff soon.

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Crap you stop the game when the story starting to be interested I want to know what came next now :)
Also thank for making a linux version

Wanted to play this game but doesn't seems to work with wine :( I've see you use love, so maybe we can have a linux build ?

Nice game, I'm just not smart enough to for it

Double jump was hard, because control can be unresponsive sometime  (though I have the same problem with my game):(  
But it seems it work fine on wine.

I totally lose against the boss, but it was fun nevertheless

So I really like that game, like the concept of the sword should be for boy, but I don't give a f*** I take it anyway.
Also it seems the game fail to same on linux, so I wasn't able to finish it, but as the game was fun I intend to play it again after I've play other game of the jam, and try to see if I can spot what was wrong  on saving.

game finish, well I had fun time playing it :)

yay beat the game \o/
Very fun game :)

Done.... I think

I'll try to port it on windows tomorrow.

flying everywhere was funny :)

It's impressive what you've done in so few time.

Nice and fun little game, small problem I had though, is that I didn't find how to full screen the game, and I've click a lot out of the window which kind of kill the enjoy-ability.

Thanks for the feedback and playing my game.

The game segfaulted after I've lost it, but I've enjoyed it nevertheless.

Yes that actually when you close the game, the segfault is in the code that de-initialize the Javascript library which for this game is totally useless... but I wanted to spend my time during the jam concentrating on this game, not on unrelated feature of my game engine.

Have you considered using Guile instead of s7 to embed to your game engine? It is the GNU's official scripting language.

Actually yes, but s7 have this nice feature of been only2  C files, which make it very easy to integrate to a game engine, and remove the dependency burden ti would be to manage another big project as guile.

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oops, It seems I've unexpectedly remove it when packaging my game.
I think it's libprce1 (which on arch Linux is in pcre package)

Thanks for the feedback anyway, it made me discover a bug in my scirpt that package a game with my engine.

Good job reaching the score of 4F, I generally end faster.

Anyway thanks fr playing the game, I've play your game too, it was cool.

As it seems I can't explain how this work on this pages I'll explain it here:
It's a Boot sector game,but luckily dos can execute them, so double clicking on com file on windows should work,
Otherwise you can use dosbox or wine to start it.
If you want to use it as boot sector program, you need either to put them on a drive/disk and boot it, or use an emulator like explain in the github page or the game page.

I really like the idea of a platform game on skate, also the style remind me a little of supertux.
So yeah nice game !

I wouldn't mind playing an improved version of this game if you continue working on it after the jam ?

Nice to have a danmaku :)

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I like your game,
Thanks for making a  Linux version

Thanks for playing,
I've saw a lot of peoples seems to have problem with jumping, I've made the stupid decision to make the player jump when he release jump button, not when the button is push.
I think I will change that in a future release

Just out of curiosity, did you make a flying boat because of Yamato ?

Ok, I've just try again, and it work

I can start the game and start playing. sadly after a very short time I got a segfault:

gdb give me this, that's not a lot sorry: 

Thread 1 "mooncommander.o" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000055555555bf80 in vec2d_sub ()

I love the idea of a strategic game where your building and unit are linux functions.

Sadly I might be really bad at this game, but I can't collect resource, that despite trying to right clicking on malloc, maybe I miss something ?

ok, I wasn't in input group... thanks

so 2 small problems:

1: linevdev seems to need root permission to grab my keyboard

2: you grab the the first keyboard, so if  you have a steam controller and a keyboard, you can't use both.

Otherwise, it's nice to have a playable game that rely on so few libraries.

I love the visual and and the sound,

I find the way you handle movement very odd, but after looking at the code I've saw the getch, which don't tell if you do a keuup or keydown, I got the same problem with my game. and that's why I didn't package a ncurses version.

Also, I'm on Arch which have and this game need .5 so I had to install it(thanks to AUR), maybe you should add the lib to the game

nice to see a strategic game, the art is cool too
some simple ai would be cool, as some peoples don't have friends to play :(

Nic start, I like the idea

It could be a really funny game with more work