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Just out of curiosity, did you make a flying boat because of Yamato ?

Ok, I've just try again, and it work

I can start the game and start playing. sadly after a very short time I got a segfault:

gdb give me this, that's not a lot sorry: 

Thread 1 "mooncommander.o" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000055555555bf80 in vec2d_sub ()

I love the idea of a strategic game where your building and unit are linux functions.

Sadly I might be really bad at this game, but I can't collect resource, that despite trying to right clicking on malloc, maybe I miss something ?

ok, I wasn't in input group... thanks

so 2 small problems:

1: linevdev seems to need root permission to grab my keyboard

2: you grab the the first keyboard, so if  you have a steam controller and a keyboard, you can't use both.

Otherwise, it's nice to have a playable game that rely on so few libraries.

I love the visual and and the sound,

I find the way you handle movement very odd, but after looking at the code I've saw the getch, which don't tell if you do a keuup or keydown, I got the same problem with my game. and that's why I didn't package a ncurses version.

Also, I'm on Arch which have and this game need .5 so I had to install it(thanks to AUR), maybe you should add the lib to the game

nice to see a strategic game, the art is cool too
some simple ai would be cool, as some peoples don't have friends to play :(

Nic start, I like the idea

It could be a really funny game with more work


Funny game, and it's cool to see a curses game.

Nice job !

yep, I'm presently working on porting the engine to windows
hopefully it will be ready and upload Wednesday evening.

So I update a version without collision bugs, without the stdio fail and in real time,

vapp.tar.gz is the end of game jam build, fixed version is a playable version


I'm not at home right now, so I can't fix it, but from your error, i guess that you can simply remove

#include <stdio.h> at line 18 of init.c and the game should start