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Yeah, I've had that happen with quite a few WebGL games as other assets load in, typically it's only the first time loading / compiling shaders.

That was pretty fun! Definitely on the easy side, but I loved exploring the tabletop and seeing all the details that were put in there. I think having the minigun push you back as you fired might worked well for the wave shooter feel this has going, it would have helped combat the slow movement as you tend to want to backpedal from waves and it'd be pushing you away from where you are firing. 

Really enjoyed all the puzzles! I think the thing that threw me off was the first message "Tab will let you pass" made me think that it was a level skip button and not a hint to adjust equipment. The puzzles were all well thought out and fun to work around though! 

Very solid puzzle mechanics! I could definitely see this easily expanded with more powerups and puzzles to become a full game. One thing that confused me was if I roll a die left then right the values change, when I would expect them it to go back to what it was previously. You can cycle though die values a bit when just going back and forth between two squares. I enjoyed all the puzzle designs though, some levels definitely were trickier than others =)

This is a solid 6/6! Once I turned off the inverted controls I was jamming, doing the rolls across the walls feels so satisfying. Really nailed the animations and feel for the player!

Love the story, presentation and animations! I definitely had some issues trying to climb the tower though, interestingly enough I found spamming jump worked to scale walls, but still had issues with getting through the 3rd stage. 

The dice rolling animations and reactions are great! Some massive atmosphere going on here, I digged it! 

Ultimate chill, would keep playing if the field kept expanding and there was more upgrades to buy.

Ahh yeah. I tend to be pretty bad at finding time to work on games after the jams are over. I've lost count of how many jams I've done. I hosted about 9 of them during college.. and I know I've done more than a dozen LDJAMs... plus quite a few other random jams, so some number over 30.  Congrats on your first jam! Hopefully you had a good time :) 

Artificers are a blast! It was also really hard to come up with a title that wasn't already taken by a million things, so I had fun with the name. 

Oh yeah, I know the odds are going to feel bad to players since I didn't tweak them to not have repeats etc. It's all physics based for the end results based on random rotations at the start, so I wouldn't even have a way to do that. I know a lot of games will reduce repeated numbers from their RNG since it feels non-random to humans. I think maybe I should have reduced the difficulty curve further early on so that it's a higher probability to win your first matches (reduced enemy health). From my testing my win rate was pretty high since the opponents don't pick optimally for their attack / defend choices, but I can see how people learning will have a lower rate on top of bad RNG making that rough.

Thanks! I had a lot of fun recording the dice SFX, and our musician managed to crank out that jam right at the end of the jam and I love it. 

There's definitely a bit of RNG, but picking good on which die to attack and defend and getting a little lucky with upgrades you can defeat the final boss without any grinding, you'll have 6 faces upgraded which is half of your total faces by the time you reach the final boss by just rushing the bosses once they are unlocked. The testing win rate against the first boss was pretty high with no grinding, so you might have just gotten some unlucky rolls. 

Thanks! I recorded a bunch of different dice sfx and decided to go with them rolling on a book. Our musician wasn't feeling well for most of the Jam, as well as most of the people on the team so we just have the one track. Didn't expect the gameplay to last long enough for the loop to get old. I think if we had more time of people feeling well, a boss track would have definitely mixed things up.  More upgrade paths and options would be cool, but way out of scope for all the stuff I had to do and ended up scrapping ;)

The animations work so well for this! Love the bouncing! Wall jumps definitely took me a bit to get used to, but very solid. 

This was gorgeous! Took a bit to get the upgrades, but was rewarding to do so! I made it to the cat and the inputs stopped so I assumed I completed the game? Wasn't quite sure since there was no message to indicate if it was a glitch. I like the gameplay concepts here, but not a big fan of the invisible platforms that you have to memorize by trial and error - having some kind of indicator of where they will show up would go a long way- or at least not making us do blind jumps into ghost zones to then find out our jump was off for where the platforms appear. Overall great entry though! Absolutely love the art.

That was a lot of fun! Challenging lassoing but very rewarding once you drag your haul back to town, and the wrapping around obstacles is super slick!

That was very challenging, I've played a few of these type of games so tricks of running into walls to sync up definitely helps a lot. I didn't end up using the stop movement command that much except to dodge the moving sawblades. The last level was fun though and rewarding to play through them all. Also that scene transition was super slick! Well done!

This was interesting! Loved the artwork and the perfectly cooked pancakes sheened with glory! I'm not sure if I figured out how to actually get pancakes to people as I managed to get them covered in syrup and then go down to a plate, but there was no feedback on if it was successful or failed. I also seemed to run into a glitch with an extra frying pan floating in the air blocking some of my throws for an extra layer of challenge- I could see random obstacles actually working for gameplay tho. Cool entry overall, would launch pancakes into orbit again!

I really enjoyed this! I had fun making giant barns and bridges after solving the presented problems and trying to get onto the roof of a giant barn. 

That was great! My time was 237:25 for the clear. Clever use of the theme and mechanic worked really well. Challenging, but not too punishing!

That was great! Loved the text throughout the levels providing a narrative and the second set of levels had some good puzzles!

That was a very interesting take on the match 3 idea! Very challenging once you started to get behind and items were everywhere. Felt very solid though, nice collisions and bouncing mechanics. I think I might have preferred if the items attached to you broke instead of took away from your health when colliding, but I can see that being hard to balance too.

That was adorable! Some interesting puzzles since order matters and I could see this expanding easily with more levels and gnome types! 

Some great art! The multi tasking was pretty stressful, but eventually it seemed to get stuck in a loop of the same day with just one person, not sure if a bug or a ran out of time thing. I love the use of the theme though, could be interesting to monitor power usage as well to not waste electricity. 

This was a blast! Love the title and the art! I couldn't quite manage to beat the boss, but it was a lot of fun attempting to take him down. Pressing both inputs and being blocked by the partner got me quite a bit, some input buffer might help there?

This was great! Wasn't sold on the switching between modes at first, but the boss fight was a lot of fun and kept the pressure on to manage that efficiently. Well done!

Gorgeous level design! I had some issues with the later goals not accepting the stuff I was dragging around, but it was an interesting concept for movement and level design!

This was a blast! Love the concept and the art, audio and voice acting were all top notch! Such a comfy game, would play a full story campaign and chill. 

I quite enjoyed this! Had a few little glitches with the mechanics, but I found the last levels fun to navigate. 

I loved the aesthetic! I liked the ability to reuse the ones you match to create bigger combos, which were very satisfying! Screen wide smashes \o/

Some good puzzles! I like how the puzzles guide the players into a way of thinking often to the players detriment 

Solid puzzle game, flowed very well and some of the seams made them challenging :)

So much fun! Loved switching into the different enemies and using their abilities. 

That was a lot of fun! Some challenging puzzles and interesting mechanics that work well together, would love to see more!

That was fun! Some big difficult swings there, but understandable for game jam! That last level was super tough, but rewarding when I finally got it.

That was adorable. I love the aesthetic, reminds me a lot of patapon! I agree the gameplay could use something to keep it fresh, like having to switch between characters and combine different similar shapes to make new matches for others. that being said, it was a very charming experience!

Interesting concept with stop / go mechanics of the shadows. Would have loved to see some use of torches or something to interact more with that!

That was fun! Love the conga line mechanics! Tossing people was fun and satisfying. 

This was adorable! Love the character design! The gameplay was pretty solid and a cool idea, although the difficulty curve definitely spiked  a bit at the end. 

That was fun! I loved the character animations and the interaction between them with the energy, very unique. Would be a lot of fun as a local co-op, but definitely playable solo.