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Thank you very much for the feedback, I will definitly add a tutorial in the next version!

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I see great potential here, unfortunetly due to time limitations it s not quite there. I miss the music and sound effects, I like the inclusion of the secret rooms with chest in them (but I dont know if you can actually open them).  I Also really liked the humor in the game, it kept me going. Great job, I would expand on this porject to make it better :)

Cool game, but for me the change of controls was rather frustrating than anything (and sometimes the keys didnt even show up, so I had to smash my keyboard to find a key that moves me right). Also why is there empty white square and map in the corner? I guess they were meant to do something, but you didnt have time. Good job on this one :)

That was really fun, I like the use of the mechanic with multiple planets. Great job :)

Pretty neat game. Though I would say it was boring smashing the keyboard to find the new controls. Good job on this game :)

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Good job, but I would give player a goal, since now it s kinda pointless running through rooms. Also I have no idea what does the green potion do. Good job :)

Edit: How exactly does this game fits to the theme, I m not sure I understand the description

Interesting game, though I had no idea what the goal was. Great job :)

Fun game, though the change of controls at the beggining of the new level is kinda pointless, since there are only 2 levels. Good game, great you managed to make it in only 48 hours, good job :)

Pretty fun game, I really like the concept, it was very satisfying seeing the robot go to the finish. Great job :)

Good game! Can be frustrating, when zombies spawn right where you are standing,  I would make the game easier, maybe make the zombies die in one hit. The art is awesome. Great job on this one :)

This is probably the most fun game in the jam for me, extremly well done. The art is amazing and so is the music, I can see this game being expanded upon and releasing it as a full game. 

Seems like a cool game, unfortunetly I had no idea what to do even whe I read tutorial trice, I pressed every button on every bouilding, dwarf, but nothing happened

Man this really was chaotic :D . Pretty fun game. I would avise using the same pixel size for the  enviroment and the player (you can see they have each different size of pixel, but that s just a detail). Good game, I enjoyed it.......think I sould have gone to the law school too.......

The aesthetis are very well put together and atmospheric. The game is simple, too simple for my taste, it became boring after a few minutes (I would maybe change the gameplay a bit with some powerups or boosts, but hey, I know that 48  hours isnt much). Hope I wasnt too rude, I just want to make honest reviews (which you can be too on my game *wink* *wink*)  

Well done! I like the inclusion of the voice acting :D . The art is really nice . My problems with the game woud be that you cant really see enemies because of the camera, I would either make the player and enemies smaller or make the camera bigger. The boss is either unbeatable or I have beaten him but there is no ending, I just got stuck in the boss room. Great game, especialy when considiring it was made by one person :)

the game is fun, as you said on the game site, the game bugged to me too, so I downloaded the patched version, which should not count, but I hope you didnt changed the game. The concept is fun, I had some problems in a few rooms/levels in with the spikes right above you and the platform moving. The platform was supposed to block your jump, but for a longer while I thought it will kill me, since it was the same color as the spikes. Overall it s fun concept executed pretty well. Great work :)

Pretty fun game, though  Im not sure what determines the fact that you will control the characters, I got like 10 people, then I shot 1 3 times and failed, because he refused to be controlled. Fun game overall, great job :)

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Nice aesthetics, and the idea can be fun, but in this state it s unpolished, I would give more control to the player once he.. well loses control, since just watching player getting oblitterated is not much fun (maybe make him move towards the enemies and let the player shoot?). The camera can move unpredictebly, and I run into what is I believe a bug, where I was running throughout the empty street and just at the end there were waiting 50 of them for me (maybe bad spawning?). Overall it s nice game, especially if made by one person! Great job :)

Really fun experience, love the music and art, the game is really funny. My only criticism would go to the audo mod feature, since I was not really sure what it did.

no problem, I can help anytime with the game. I'm really glad you liked it

Hey! Really great looking game, the mechanics are really original, but unfortunetly, Iquickly lost interest once I "dropped into void". I had no idea where I was, and it seems camera doesnt know either, since it was going all around the place. Too bad, I can see a lot of potential with more time and polish. Still, good job on finishing the game

Fun little experience, the art is good, but I would change the color of the text at the beggining, since at some parts I wasnt able to see it properly. Gameplay is fun and addicting, I would put a timer, that would show you for how long you are going to change emotion somewhere, since I happened to bump into enemies right when the "dash" emotion ended (it has great looking effect btw). Overall it s  nice experience, great job :)

Yes, at the beggining of the game, right next to you :) 

I love the concept of the game, it is really fun, but bit frustrating, which I can forgive, because it fits to the theme. The pacing could be also better, I have finished first and third level on my first try (3rd level literally took me only a few seconds), but I kept dying at the second level over and over. Overall, great concept, that with more time and better execution could make in my opinion a great stand alone game. Well done!

Really fun game, it seems we had a bit similiar idea for the game, (you can check out my game to see ;) ). I was a bit confused what all the different icons meant, but once I got used to it it was no problem, art is great, music is great. Well done team!

Amazing game, very fun mechanics and absolutly gorgeous aesthetics. But I m not sure what happens when you run out of some gadgets.

This game is amazing, love the aesthetics, sound effects, gameplay is original, If I dint know I would say this is well polished and fun mobile game, incredible job.

The idea is really original and I like it a lot, but attacking is really weird, sometimes you will attack and sometimes you wont. Overall really original, good looking fun game, expect for the attacking. Great job on creating this game :)

Gorgeous artstyle, really love it. The game is fun to play, even more once you introduce wolves, but I am not sure how well does this game fits to the theme

Thank you very much for playing, I am glad you had fun. You should definitly try to get past 3rd round there are much more situations you can run into ;)

Hello, I don't remember deleting the gane file,  that's weird. But even if you find the game you probably won't be able to play it since start button doesn't work (read the other comments). 

thank you for checking out the game. The poison button is there, so you wont spam space all the time and hope something good will happpen. Also, today I will post fixed version of the game on its web page, so If you want to try it, tell me. I will let you know when it's out :)

Wow, I really  like the idea, and using tutorial as a texts in a level. This game is really original and really fits the them. Only thing that I would say is that those monsters are really slow, and walking through another monster perspective isnt much fun to play 

Wow, that was not suposed to happened. Yes, the game should start by pressing start button wiith the mouse

Thank you for the reply!  Can you say more about you problem please?