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So I tried again today on my ("beefier") desktop machine. No crashes or black screens there, maybe its something with my graphic driver or the smaller RAM.. but, whatever.

Now that I have played it a bit more... the blue "weapon" is just a shield, right? (the player character cannot fire and has to block each enemy)

By the way.. if you wondered why I was focusing on those spools: it took me like two days to work that out in my game until I liked it ^^
(but my game was only 2D, and my actual solution was just using different sprites and masks.... well I guess it always look easy in hindsight ;)

Regarding that fast-foward: I understood something with .... Katey ? (I simply cannot make out what it is supposed to say)

Thanks for your feedback (and your awesome game, which I loved)!

And no, there is (currently) no other level since it is only meant as a super-casual "pastime" game.
I could add a highscore board in the next update so each game would be battling against yourself from the past
(like in the old arcade games:
"123 BOB
  109 ALC
  033 LOL")
Any ideas what I could do for a different level?

There are actually three songs in the game, which you can choose in the OPTIONS menu :)

If the enemies hit you / got through there should be a big red particle explosion around you - is this working for you? And yes, I wanted to add some health indicator for the player, but did not have enough time in the end to integrate it "seamlessly" - but I will do that in the next update.

For the end of the cassette tape I think I will add an option whether the game music should stop as well or maybe be muffled somewhat. I did not want it to be super-obvious as I think that is part of the challenge to wach the little spools from time to time ;)

Awesome game with a great concept and great puzzles! Will definitely play this again when you do any updates :D

Until I read the comments I did not understand that you meant the "End" button on the keyboard and was always searching for something in the UI ^^

And in the last level I got stuck in a wall without the possibilty to reset the level :( 
(as you cannot restart when you are dead, and the rewind did not rewind anymore)

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you especially for the tip with the pitch value - I will definitely try this out :D

Thanks for your feedback!

And yes, the balancing is definitely planned for a post-jam version (factoring in the sum of all current notes' lengths and active enemies' types/colors) - and having difficulty levels that provide "none" or up to "two" extra"notes in relation to enemie count

The graphics and mechanics are awesome. If I may nitpick a tiny detail there: the spools in the tape seem to always show the same amount of tape left, no matter how far was played/rewinded.

It would be cool if you could provide some hints after the player turns in an incorrect sheet a few times. I did not understand (as in make out what was said exactly / or meant?) about the dog :/
(yes, the first tape after the training tapes, don't judge me :P)
do you have a some walktrough available?

Hm, the game frequently gives me a short complete black screen and/or crashes..? (Even the WebGL version you mentioned from Newgrounds)

And if the game runs, I seem to have no ability to shoot... Not with the Ctrl key that is set in the standard keybindings, nor with the left mousebutton

Any ideas?

Hi all,

seems I need to be a bit more proactive to advertise my game a bit ;)
(only received 3 ratings so far)

I will of course return every rating given with feedback to your game.
Here is my game for this jam:
I called it: Mixtape-the rewind game

(Sadly I had only built it for Windows in time ^^; sorry about that)

It is a very casual music-themed game where rewinding your cassette is a core mechanic. I made all art and animations from scratch (including notes and tape of course), as well as all the code.

You are playing music on your mixtape (that you need to rewind once the tape runs out) and have to keep your grumpy neighbours from complaining by sharing your notes with them.

Each note has a lenght (as indicated by the musical note... notation ^^), and there are two different neighbours that need a different lenght of music until they are satisfied.

In the future I want to update this game and port it to app-formats, so one can play it on their phone or tablet.

Looking forward to your feedback and ratings! <3


Hi, I rated your game and would love some feedback on mine as well :)

The idea of the game is fun and e.g. the shadow in the distance looked very nice.
Also the 2D dinosaurs turning on their X-axis also made me chuckle each time ;)

But you should polish especially the colliders a bit more, especially the colliders of those evil cacti ^^

Hi, I played and rated your game.

I would also love some feedback on mine if you have the time :)

Loved your game! Intuitive mechanics (with the given additional hint about rewinding), great graphics and everything worked perfectly for me

The only downside was of course the number of levels so far ^^

Following both of you to find out when you make more levels :D

Hi! I played, (loved,) and rated your game.

Feel free to try out mine as well <3

Awesome game, awesome graphics and fitting music / soundeffects.

Just a bit too much going on with all the moving cubes and spheres coming for me... maybe add a lower difficulty that has not as many of those cubes?

BTW: the phrasing with "cheating death" and the character design has some very nice Dalek-ish theme ;)

Thanks for the feedback.

Would you have any  suggestion what I could add for more gameplay?
I intended it is a diverting casual game, that one could play e.g. on a tablet/phone (in a future version) to pass a few minutes while riding the bus - so I also don't want to overcomplicate it ;)

Thanks for your good feedback, I also want to implement this in the next version.

That was fun, even for a "demo-y" state of the game :)

I also actually liked that moving is is the only way to aim as an extra challenge, you could make this an optional extra difficulty (most people will like aiming with the mouse more - if they can already shoot with it)

Awesome mechanic (and quite a bit of rage potential to loose all progress if you hit the wrong spot ;)

What would be neat to add is some background (even if it is just some "stars"/white dots), so I can see (when) I am still falling to my doom ^^
or even a minimap?

Good work!

Very nice artwork, animation and super (creepy) music!

I felt ported back in time to my first PC and the Commander Keen games :D

The only problem I had was with clipping, sometimes I got stuck moving in the same direction (as in: unable to move forward, until I jumped first) and one time I fell through the floor:

(you see me getting smaller and smaller... or rather being squished more)

I think this happened around here, when falling down from the platform above:

But all in all: awesome work!
Please keep making games (and extend this if you like ;)

That was a fun game, even though some of the levels were a bit too hard (and others fairly easy in comparison) - good thing you posted the method to skip a level ^^

You could also add some music or soundeffects to the levels themselves as well, not only for the intro.

And well, the theme was a bit of a stretch ;)

This was really fun to play, even with the a little cumbersome controls

I like the idea of recording and replaying very much - and especially the ability to loop was an awesome idea!

More levels please :D

I like the art and minimalist level design.

The controls were not my favourite though (you could also use W as an alternative to jump, and S for crouch) 

...and I did not manage to get by the second turret :/
Knocking the turrets over like in your gameplay video did not really work for me, when I get up from crouching or jump, I get shot immediately.

Maybe you could add some indication just before the turrets start shooting?

I like the idea of the game to have this AI moving with very limited possibility to influence, which makes it a nice mix of puzzle and sneaking / covert-ops type games.

The controls however did not 100% work for me, I had lags on the spacebar sometimes; and also noticed that when I keep holding the spacebar down, I get through the levels even if I would have been caught by the guards ;)

If you also explain a bit more how the AI works, the player feels more in control (even if the movement is still based on probabilities).

The art and graphics are awesome and I liked the fun "divine kicking to the past" idea :)

The game was a little easy and short of course - but you if you add some more jump&run style obstacles, platforms and pits you have yourself a very nice casual game. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

And yes, this is where I sadly ran out of time in the end.. The note spawns are currently only based on the number of active enemies (1 extra note for medium, 2 for easy). In a future version after the jam I want to factor in the sum of all current notes' lengths and the active enemies' types/colors as well.