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Tom Jongens

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Hot dang, great idea and execution of the theme! Good luck expanding on this :)

I think I saw the robot somewhere on my twitter feed! Thought i almost defeated the boss on my second run but he got me anyway. Fun to play!

Just rated yours!

Eventually i got stuck, didn't have a crystal left to shine on and the gate wouldn't open. But generally the game feels nice. Movement is a bit stiff and sometimes the light would go to my old mouse position instead of the new one. This concept could make a pretty decent game with some polish.

It's a good concept. I do think you could've put a little more work on the esthetics off the game. Also no sound?

Here it is:

Leave a message :)

Hey Bob, games plays smooth. Idea is simple but executed nicely. Perhaps it would be could to recharge your jump when hitting  a power up or something? Sometimes I could jump the distance towards the new platform, could also be my reaction speed :)

Okay Bob, i'll give yours a go!

Here's ours:

Thanks for the praise! We had a lot of fun working on it and wanted to do so much more but eventually had to cut some features making sure the core gameplay worked. 

The map used to be bigger but we didn't want the player to have to look for enemies. But it could also be our playtesting fatigueness ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

Balancing the A.I. was hard. In first builds the A.I. killed each other within the first 10 seconds or so. Thanks for the letting us know!

Hey, thanks for the feedback. What made the game unplayable? Was it the aggressive A.I., the shooting mechanic or something else?

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We thought about doing that but it was to late to make the change. Perhaps after the jam. Thanks for playing!

That is some pretty decent pixelart graphics for a gamejam! Plays pretty good as well!

We also played with the idea of having to pick up your arrow after using it.

Interesting entry! For a while i thought the player was the yellow orb and he had to survive, not one of the followers.

I finished it! Nice feel and response to the controls!

Thought I had to wack the ball outside the wrong, took me a while before I realised I could just walk outside. The mechanic works pretty good! Got an error sometimes when colliding with an enemy.

Took my a while to get used to the font. The atmosphere is nice and the writing helps convey the story. I won't share my ending so that i won't ruin any surprises.

Tricky but fun to play!

Some footage:

Thank you! We were worried that we might have made it too difficult in the end.

Alright, looking forward to it!

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Just came across your content. Still working on it? I really dig the new art direction.

Any reason why it shouldn't work on GMS:2?