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This game has the most eloquent design, perfectly incorporating the theme so perfectly and seamlessly. The gameplay is fun and quite enjoyable. If only this could have been my reaction if the game would not be stuck on the loading screen. (Don't take this harshly as we all make mistakes. I hope you enjoyed making your game and wish you luck in your next.)


It looks fun but fullscreen would not work in your application making each puzzle total number random for me.

I don't know what to say because I fell out of the map, while getting there at a slow speed, because I was able to walk through the rock. I want to believe that this is a great game from what the comments show but I am struggling to see where the polish and enjoyment come into play. The game feels all chunky and slow, with puzzles you can't even exit out of (I tried pretty much every escape button I could think of (and ended up alt F4))

I don't care about the non-made art, or the non-made audio (which I could not hear), but more or less the game that I was shown itself.  Maybe some mechanics are not told & that could be one reason I could not progress without exploiting hitboxes lol.

Do not take what I am saying with a bad or demeaning attitude by any chance, I mean no harm will. I hope you had fun developing your game and had a great Game Jam experience. I just wanted to note the experience that I got out of your game while playing it. Game jams are usually to learn or challenge yourself in a new way. I just want you to get some learning experience out of it. ^-^ 

This game was fun to play through the intense battles. The concept of changing moves by rolling isn't anything new but the way it was incorporated was amazing. I really enjoyed the packs and flocks of enemies waving toward me while I am rolling the fight off the hoards. 

I do want to give back a bit of criticism though.

First of all, I get finalising pixel art in a short span is difficult in a sense (I cant do it lol), but even just a second frame that is slightly different would have made the game feel a whole lot more alive. Try Taking inspiration from idle animations in Baba Is You. The second thing doesn't ruin gameplay but you can just roll a 2, stand still and hit the incoming enemies, as the spinning ones do not really come towards you (from what I could see).

Sorry about this short review, as I usually do longer ones. Either way, you were able to make a really fun experience for me and others, despite the slight lack of polish contained. I really hope you enjoyed the game jam. ^-^

I know what I am saying is nothing new but the game crashes as soon as you enter the portal. Besides that, the game feels very polished from what I could only see or do. An interesting thing that I saw on that one screen is you changed what weapon you used each time (I assume the dice element). I am sad that I cannot really rate too much out of this but let's hope this patch comes out soon. =(

Do not take it on yourself that this didn't work and it just broke, these things happen. Maybe some playtesting on a web browser before submitting would be a lesson to take out of this. Hope everything goes well. ^-^

(while you are making a patch you should also maybe change the movement tutorial to say attack for spacebar etc...    instead of move lol)

This game is great & has incorporated the themes of the game jam well. A game with no real objective but to drive around and hit enemies with your car, displayed by this unique art style that feels similar to a game that I have forgotten the name of.   ;-;   

The main dice mechanic comes into the drift move. If you hold space while turning you will tumble over, effectively rolling the fuzzy dice in your car that obtain 2 special abilities for you to fight, survive, or flee. You will be at a loss of fuel though so avoid getting hit and try to conserve as much as possible, or collect some at a gas station before the inevitable happens

While the game seems great from an outside perspective, there are a few things I would like to address, which is the sole reason for me losing all enjoyment.

The movement mechanics were quite weird and didn't feel like the lock-in-place function made no sense at all. Often times I would just get bored trying to move into one position to hit an enemy but keep locking in the wrong place. It just becomes this tedious game with this cool mechanic to spice things up, yet it doesn't do that much at all.

If the movement controls were less fixed into a position and were more polished, with maybe a few gameplay adjustments (like a wave feature (or new dice upgrades (Not trying to say you should have. Time was tight.))), then I probably would have had a better experience of it. An Idea for some more lenient controls; (a bit of an over-exaggerated standard but I think you get the point I am trying to make. You do not have to listen to my advice, or be done at all. Just a suggestion. {})

I am not trying to get anyone down or discourage anyone from doing something they love or trying new boundaries, but I just felt like the game was missing something that carried over across the game. Still, it utilizes a great concept in a genius way that no other person could possibly imagine. I hope you had a great time developing your game and enjoy the next project you come across. ^-^

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I also forgot to mention that when I lost I had to reload the page to try again.  

(probably a bug...)

Quite a simple fast pace sorting game that can put some lenient stress on you. The result is really impressive and expected with the limited time that was given. I think that you did an amazing job to able to incorporate the theme seamlessly. One criticism (just a bias), is that you could have maybe expanded on the theme a bit more than what was given, but that doesn't stop this from being a fun little quick shot minigame that anyone can enjoy (even if they are a slow mouse locator lmao). Please continue to create these games if you don't feel pressured by yourself or the community at all. I hope you enjoyed the game jam and I wish to see you in the next one! ^-^

(but why was there lore tho?  (._.)   | )

Should i report that there was a glitch with your software where i could not close it?

It does not really matter anymore but thanks I guess XD

I liked the concept of where you are in a hostage situation and that you are tied to a bomb. It was short but you expanded more out of no more of a little concept. You did well and I did not expect different gameplay to affect you differently but still feel the same as other concepts. good job.

My only criticism is the beeping sound that plays for the entire game and how you move with your mouse when you are just dragging an item.

Anyways Good job.

(sad that I saw this game a day after voting.)

It was a really good game that encouraged you to keep persisting through the troublesome climb. It feels a little weird with the broken physics but i guess that is what made it more fun. I would say that it did a really good job to entertain and kept the viewer attatched. The pixel art had a supurb job using a neat pallete which matches a little cartoony but stale theme. You also did a really good job on maintaining the variable. My one word of advice is that you add maybe mutliple easter eggs and secrets to collect to add the feeling that it is not all just one way to progress. I like how there are also other ways to climb and you are not limited by 1 pathway. Anyways you did a really good job and I hope that you get a good night rest after making this game.