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This game was fun to play through the intense battles. The concept of changing moves by rolling isn't anything new but the way it was incorporated was amazing. I really enjoyed the packs and flocks of enemies waving toward me while I am rolling the fight off the hoards. 

I do want to give back a bit of criticism though.

First of all, I get finalising pixel art in a short span is difficult in a sense (I cant do it lol), but even just a second frame that is slightly different would have made the game feel a whole lot more alive. Try Taking inspiration from idle animations in Baba Is You. The second thing doesn't ruin gameplay but you can just roll a 2, stand still and hit the incoming enemies, as the spinning ones do not really come towards you (from what I could see).

Sorry about this short review, as I usually do longer ones. Either way, you were able to make a really fun experience for me and others, despite the slight lack of polish contained. I really hope you enjoyed the game jam. ^-^


Thanks! This was our first game jam, so we definitely underestimated how much effort was necessary for the entire project. Your criticism is very true. We were hoping to at least add a frame or two while rolling to show that the rolling was happening, but we didn't have the time. We're glad you enjoyed the game and had fun!