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This game is great & has incorporated the themes of the game jam well. A game with no real objective but to drive around and hit enemies with your car, displayed by this unique art style that feels similar to a game that I have forgotten the name of.   ;-;   

The main dice mechanic comes into the drift move. If you hold space while turning you will tumble over, effectively rolling the fuzzy dice in your car that obtain 2 special abilities for you to fight, survive, or flee. You will be at a loss of fuel though so avoid getting hit and try to conserve as much as possible, or collect some at a gas station before the inevitable happens

While the game seems great from an outside perspective, there are a few things I would like to address, which is the sole reason for me losing all enjoyment.

The movement mechanics were quite weird and didn't feel like the lock-in-place function made no sense at all. Often times I would just get bored trying to move into one position to hit an enemy but keep locking in the wrong place. It just becomes this tedious game with this cool mechanic to spice things up, yet it doesn't do that much at all.

If the movement controls were less fixed into a position and were more polished, with maybe a few gameplay adjustments (like a wave feature (or new dice upgrades (Not trying to say you should have. Time was tight.))), then I probably would have had a better experience of it. An Idea for some more lenient controls; (a bit of an over-exaggerated standard but I think you get the point I am trying to make. You do not have to listen to my advice, or be done at all. Just a suggestion. {})

I am not trying to get anyone down or discourage anyone from doing something they love or trying new boundaries, but I just felt like the game was missing something that carried over across the game. Still, it utilizes a great concept in a genius way that no other person could possibly imagine. I hope you had a great time developing your game and enjoy the next project you come across. ^-^


Hey, thanks for the detailed review. It was a interesting read for me, for sure.

So, by the lock-in-place mechanic, I assume you must mean when the car rolls, tumbling out of a drift? Yeah, well, in the code I took away all steering then because, I figured, tires not touching ground, no steerage - but maybe you're right and I was thinking of it too realistically. Perhaps a sort of diminished control would be better instead for the player's feel, until the tires get a grip back onto the ground. Will have to think about it.

I like your idea for a wave feature in particular. Thanks a lot for your in-depth feedback.