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Quite a simple fast pace sorting game that can put some lenient stress on you. The result is really impressive and expected with the limited time that was given. I think that you did an amazing job to able to incorporate the theme seamlessly. One criticism (just a bias), is that you could have maybe expanded on the theme a bit more than what was given, but that doesn't stop this from being a fun little quick shot minigame that anyone can enjoy (even if they are a slow mouse locator lmao). Please continue to create these games if you don't feel pressured by yourself or the community at all. I hope you enjoyed the game jam and I wish to see you in the next one! ^-^

(but why was there lore tho?  (._.)   | )

(1 edit) (+1)

I also forgot to mention that when I lost I had to reload the page to try again.  

(probably a bug...)


soz, this is a bug that happened occasionally and i didn't have time to fix. Thanks for the constructive feedback! :)