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It was a really good game that encouraged you to keep persisting through the troublesome climb. It feels a little weird with the broken physics but i guess that is what made it more fun. I would say that it did a really good job to entertain and kept the viewer attatched. The pixel art had a supurb job using a neat pallete which matches a little cartoony but stale theme. You also did a really good job on maintaining the variable. My one word of advice is that you add maybe mutliple easter eggs and secrets to collect to add the feeling that it is not all just one way to progress. I like how there are also other ways to climb and you are not limited by 1 pathway. Anyways you did a really good job and I hope that you get a good night rest after making this game.


Thank you for your in depth comment! Adding more to explore within the levels is something we're looking at for future versions of this game, as well as tuning the physics to be a little less broken while still being challenging. You can be sure that we slept very well after this jam was over :D