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I know what I am saying is nothing new but the game crashes as soon as you enter the portal. Besides that, the game feels very polished from what I could only see or do. An interesting thing that I saw on that one screen is you changed what weapon you used each time (I assume the dice element). I am sad that I cannot really rate too much out of this but let's hope this patch comes out soon. =(

Do not take it on yourself that this didn't work and it just broke, these things happen. Maybe some playtesting on a web browser before submitting would be a lesson to take out of this. Hope everything goes well. ^-^

(while you are making a patch you should also maybe change the movement tutorial to say attack for spacebar etc...    instead of move lol)


I originally wanted to do some playtesting, but there was another issue that stopped the game from working at all, I had to fix it, then there was no time to do anything else. (Life almost halved the time I had to work on the game, so it wasn't as easy as just doing that earlier). Basically the crash went unnoticed in the "oh $#!& there are only 12 minutes left and the game won't launch" panic. The dice element is actually in the DnD-esque attack and defense rolls that are present in the game (the box with the tutorial message is actually there to display analyses of these rolls). Later in the game you find upgrades that change the dice your do these rolls with. Also someone else already pointed out the "move" thing and I fixed it. 

The patch is now out!