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I don't know what to say because I fell out of the map, while getting there at a slow speed, because I was able to walk through the rock. I want to believe that this is a great game from what the comments show but I am struggling to see where the polish and enjoyment come into play. The game feels all chunky and slow, with puzzles you can't even exit out of (I tried pretty much every escape button I could think of (and ended up alt F4))

I don't care about the non-made art, or the non-made audio (which I could not hear), but more or less the game that I was shown itself.  Maybe some mechanics are not told & that could be one reason I could not progress without exploiting hitboxes lol.

Do not take what I am saying with a bad or demeaning attitude by any chance, I mean no harm will. I hope you had fun developing your game and had a great Game Jam experience. I just wanted to note the experience that I got out of your game while playing it. Game jams are usually to learn or challenge yourself in a new way. I just want you to get some learning experience out of it. ^-^