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I also want to register my interest in having these headers added. Mainly for the Godot multi-threading support. I appreciate that it's not as simple as just adding the headers as it may break older game, but if a solution could be found that'd be very nice. :)

Being water taxi driver is hard when customers don't like your patter but I persevere. I wake up every morning a 6am to drive American tourists around a "Scotch Lock" and each trip is just one more low tip and another high fuel bill closer to my eventual bankruptcy. But I don't stop, no. I look in the mirror and I see who I was born to be - WATER TAXI MAN. :)

This is a fun wee game. I really liked the two sides of the moon idea - very original. This is exceptionally good game for you first.  Well done!

the artwork is really nice and you did a great job creating a spooky atmosphere. I liked the flashlight system and the eye/laserbeam weapon. The grenade launcher and double-jump were satisfying to get too! I thought the story telling was nicely done and, as others have said, I could really feel a Metroid vibe with this. Overall I think it was a really good submission. Good work! :)

Thanks for the feedback - I agree the movement could do with some improving. I love the image you posted - it definite has the vibe we were going for :)

The artwork is really nice and it's a fun to fly about. I wasn't able to fine any astronauts to rescue. The different  subsystems which can fail is a really nice touch! Well done!

Fun game. It looks to be a nice homage to "Spacewar!" with it's own twist :) I enjoyed the music and it was a good challenge. Well done!

A fun wee game. 👍

This is a fun game. It's really relaxing play. I spent all my money on rockets and forgot to repair my machines though - opps! :)

Yes! That was 100% the problem. I had an extra controller connected that I didn't even know about. thank you. :)

I absolutely love the style and feel of this! It has polish way beyond what I'd expect to see in a jam! The  core concept was very original and I could imagine this being expanded on into a full game.

I did experience the "only shooting to the right" issue others have mentioned - but it DID work with a controller. It must be some mouse detection issue. I'm glad it did work because I had a lot of fun blasting about. :)

I loved the simplistic graphics and the colour choice. Was a bit fiddly to draw with a mouse, but I can totally see this working great on Android. It's a fun little game!

Thanks so much for doing a video. Feedback like this is so valuable and very much appreciated!

*Night Fever plays in the background*

Very Good! :D Thanks for adding a Linux version - it ran perfectly!

very fun :) 

Thank you! I was trying to get a Mega Drive/Genesis sort of feel with the music and sounds - I hope that came across. Sadly, variety in level design was something I just didn't manage to get in.

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Thanks so much for saying! I might refine this with the feedback given and make it into something better! :)

Thanks for the feedback - what what people have said this might be an good idea after some refinement and I really appreciate it! :)

From that screenshot it looks like you're on the second last level! Sorry! :( I think you only way for me to fix that bug is to reduce the knockback acceleration which, as you pointed out, is the fastest way to travel. :P

This is a really chilled out game. It's very beautiful :)

Congrats on your first game! It's good!

Very Beautiful and very clever puzzle! I really liked it!

This is some solid stuff to build on!

Also one of those guys :P - game ran fine for me. Firefox :)

A lot of trial and error but it was fun :) I like it.

Dash would be good. This was a rather improvised exploration into new thinking for me so it's definitely not as refined as it could be!

Thanks for the feedback! You're suggestion would definitely be an improvement!

Really great game! I'm not familiar with the style of games but I thought it really looked amazing!

Solid game and interesting take on the theme :)

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Thank you  :) I'd debated lower the health and I never came to a final decision so it didn't change. It was originally meant to be a 1v1 so the opponents were meant to be on par with you.

I love the concept! It's frustrating and fun at the same time :)

Really solid game!

Very Nice!

Thank you! :)

This is so well polished! I loved it :)

Hey. I played it on Linux. I had a minor problem which I seem to have with all unity game I've tried on itch. The issue is that the shapes do not render properly and kind of appearing just like textures. The fix was to run the game with the flag:


It ran great with that so it seems to be an opengl issue.

It definitely feels finished too. I've been wondering myself about what helps make a game feel 'finished' and it's little details like sounds on buttons, volume or mute controls or transition effects. I've tried to achieve the same thing with my last game and it definitely feels good to be able to call something finished :)

Hey - I only played about 5mins but, yes, it does work. I like the sketchy drawings of the characters, they're cool.