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Thank you for enjoying watching a playthrough! This is our first game, but we will be making more in the future.

Download the Windows version and run it using the .sh file included in the game directory.

I think this is a rare game engine bug that happens on a select few systems. Ideally, restarting the game will do the trick, but as of now there isn't a known fix.

This could be an anti-virus issue. See if you can disable your anti-virus of add an exception for DDLC.exe.

Make sure the game is extracted before you try to run it. After downloading the file, right-click on it and choose "Extract All..." and follow the prompts. When you're done, there will be a new "ddlc-win" folder alongside the zip file that you downloaded. You can then delete the original zip file and run DDLC from the extracted folder.

This is a rare bug that happens on some Windows 7 PCs. We don't have a fix for it yet.

It gets a lot worse.

It's an issue with Gatekeeper. I've seen success by copying the application out of its folder and putting it directly on the desktop, but if that doesn't work then you may need to look up Gatekeeper disable methods or workarounds.

Restarting your PC might work.

Instead of creating new threads, can you post new videos to the previous thread you've already created? Thanks.

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll update the content warning page to clarify that DDLC is a horror game. Since the game is already listed as horror on Steam, I'll update the tags on to include it as well.

Thank you for voicing this concern - it has been recently corrected. As of the latest version (1.0.9), DDLC includes proper content warnings in the disclaimer at the beginning of the game, referring the player to this page:

Thanks for noting this, I'll fix it in the next update.

Did you ever get any initial error when starting up the game? You have to make sure the game resides in an area that isn't read-only, such as your desktop. I've heard some Mac users were getting read-only related errors, and copying the game to desktop or re-downloading it helped fix the issue.

An update scheduled for tomorrow (1.0.5) will fix this error. Sorry it managed to happen to you.

The important Mac files are in the Resources/autorun folder. So it would be "Show package contents" -> Resources -> autorun.

Sorry, as much as I'd love to get this game on mobile, there are certain features of the game that really only work on desktop. :( However, it's short enough that I hope playing it on desktop won't be too bad of an option for you.