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Game Won't Start

A topic by ShakeFan19 created Nov 09, 2017 Views: 3,530 Replies: 18
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The game won't run for me. It keeps telling me the file is missing.  I've tried the Steam version and the version here and still get the same error.  I tried extracting the file and still nothing.


This could be an anti-virus issue. See if you can disable your anti-virus of add an exception for DDLC.exe.

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I don’t have any anti-virus software installed. All I have is Windows Firewall. Turned that off and still get the same error. It says it couldn’t execute, tells me the file location, and asks “Is it missing?”.

Edit: I found a copy of the game executable in the “lib” folder but get an entirely different error with that one. It tells me the side by side configuration is incorrect. I’ve had that error with other games before and have yet to be able to fix it.

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hey i may have a solution for you if you download the normal version (the one on this site) try launching it with the launcher inside the folder it worked for me hopefully it will work for you

I couldn’t find a launcher just 2 executables. I guess it’s just my shit computer being shit.

how do u launch it , and on what folder ?

I had the same error and solved it. Copy the lib folder next to the DDLC launcher you have on the main one

can u be more specific? The lib file contains 4 folders should I copy them all? There's also another lib file inside the lib folder -_-

sorry that I wasn’t specific enough. The way I fixed it in Windows was that I moved the lib folder back to themain launcher. I had a frined over and he moved it, maybe he thought it would bring another ending but it obviusly didn’t, I spent a long time moving folders until I got it right

I know that this is probably why my game doesn't work, but I downloaded the windows version of DDLC from, and I tried running it on wine. The application opened up, but all I got was a black screen. At the top, there was the game's icon, though. Is there any way to fix this?

I have already beaten the game on mac, but I now am sadly stuck with a chromebook...

I have jailbroken this chromebook, though, and I am able to run most programs/games.

I think the game's genius, and I really look forward to games like this in the coming future.

If I try to edit the game, will it break? I do have coding software and knowledge.

@Team Salvato I found out how to change the character's favorite words. If I intended to make a mod, would I have to contact one of the team members?

Yeah, I'm having the exact same problem. I, too, downloaded the game on steam and (fed up with the 'files missing' nonsense, I downloaded it from here, and it still won't work.


:( someone please find a fix

try and see if it works on any other device. It worked on my 12 year old laptop -_-

i have no other device :(

I can't get it to work... I use a Mac and it still doesn't work. Fed up hearing how "You can't load on a read only file" and I can't find a lib file because I have no idea what that is and I use a Mac so everything should work I just want to play

Maybe someday I will get to play but for now I shall be bored