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Question for developers

A topic by eagle4murdoc created Dec 07, 2017 Views: 382 Replies: 3
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so this may be lazy because I havent looked into it. But have you guys made any other games like ddlc? I didnt play it but instead watched it. I honestly wish i played it because even watching it had me deep in my feelings and quite honestly i love these dark and dramatic themes because no one else dives into these very dark topics like witnessing your childhood friends death. If you havent made other games please please please make more like this. It had me on edge which is a good thing and seeing but not playing something like this makes me wish there was more like ut so I can have a personal experience rather than watching. This game was fantastic. Please make more.


Thank you for enjoying watching a playthrough! This is our first game, but we will be making more in the future.

Hey, listen, I know it would be a lot, but could you consider, possibly, making a "normal" version. I mean I love the game and the characters remind me of my friends. I'm just asking to see what it would be like as a "normal" visual novel. If you read this thanks for the time you spent making the great game that traumatized me.

Did you guys see MatPat's (Game Theory's) theory on your game?