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Android port?

A topic by anime_sb created Sep 22, 2017 Views: 25,803 Replies: 20
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Will this work on android? And if not, can I make it work?


Sorry, as much as I'd love to get this game on mobile, there are certain features of the game that really only work on desktop. :( However, it's short enough that I hope playing it on desktop won't be too bad of an option for you.

I've found a less than official apk for android that seems to be consistent with the game, and find that the alignment of the text is a little bit off. Just wondering for someone who would try anything, what would you suggest?

While the practice of "Advancing text messages given by characters" can of course work quite easily on Android, the fact is, later on in the game, there are elements that would become incredibly hard to perform the same way on Android and would have to be written in a very different way. It's not even a question of device power, it's more a question of the ways in which you interact with the system.

Uh . . .  its been done. just wondering which apks people have found work the best

But my friend, I have no desktop to play this game with, and I wish to see what all the hype is about without watching a let's play, or reading a synopsis or experiencing it in any other way than myself directly. If there truly is no way to port this game to android, then might there be any apps for android that would allow me to play computer games on my device you know of? This game has had me quite intrigued recently, what with all the hype around it, and I've already set my mind to playing through it. If there really is no way I can play this, then I suppose I'll just have no choice but to accept it and move on with my life, but I am hopeful this is not the case. Either way, I appreciate you taking the time to read through this whole slog. For some reason I feel rather hoity-toity currently and am acting liking a fruitless weirdo for seemingly no reason. I apologize. I swear I am not normally this odd. Still, it means a lot to me that you pressed on through my nonsense anyway. You're the best, and I hope you're having a sensational day.

Trust us on this one. The game wouldn't work on mobile. We don't say it because we're elitist or anything like that. I love VNs on mobile. It's just that this one, for some very specific reasons you'll eventually find out, wouldn't work.


Well, I kept searching for an android version after I came here since I didn't get a response at the time. So I found it, and I played through it, and now I see what you mean. Not only do some aspects and/or parts of the game not hold the same weight on android, but you're completely excluded from getting this one character's only CG towards the ending too. I still had fun with the game, but... yeah, I can see what you meant here. I can tell a lot of love went into this game, and it really pays off. Thus I was wondering... is there a way I might be able to support any future titles?

Haha... I just realized how stupid what I said is... I can support you by choosing to spend money on the PC game. Duh. Would it even let me pay for the game on Android?

would an anime adaptation be possible 

There actually was a way (kinda) that I found. There is an app on android (intended for chromebook, but should work on android) called crossover. Now, don't get me wrong: You probably will need to use a usb/bluetooth keyboard or mouse (or both). I keep getting a black screen, but I will try to fix it.

thank for Doki Doki Literature Club. It has been the funniest and funist games I ever played. And making it free is great thank you so much.

I downloaded the game on on my chrome book and i'm trying to play the game but it wont let me what to  do I  do

Thanks for telling us that I was now downloading it on my Mobile but it wouldn't work so thanks!  Once Mobiles get to do almost everything desktops can can u make it available for mobile?  I really wanna play it

U took game down in purpose If it was on Google Play.Reason for it really isn't good enough.Game is short but Good enough.For me it feels very long.You make another game what is featured in 2018.So is 2018 game for android too?I Hope so guys but after all Good game Dan Salvato.Scott Cawshon played that.I think he feels savage of most of it!:)

I know Doki Doki Literature Club is possible on android.Some how I ask you guys WILL it ever be posted on android?With that speech I bellive you guys don't want.I am not very sad.But still...?Game is Good after all.Nofhting else bad say about that Team Salvato!

I Hope see more featured!

Greetings from Wikitherorist!

I would like to say that I downloaded a apk for it and in the game it said that there was no reason for not putting it on mobile  and if that is just a joke the creator put in there or it was just the people that made the APK or the fact the really he does just not want it on Android I really don't know but please find a way to put it on mobile

¿Usted está haciendo o pensando en hacer una versión móvil?

not sure if you're still active but on Google play the official DDLC has actually been released

lol already removed as of today

Recently there was a mobil app that played the game perfect but it was focely removed as of today