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Trust us on this one. The game wouldn't work on mobile. We don't say it because we're elitist or anything like that. I love VNs on mobile. It's just that this one, for some very specific reasons you'll eventually find out, wouldn't work.


Well, I kept searching for an android version after I came here since I didn't get a response at the time. So I found it, and I played through it, and now I see what you mean. Not only do some aspects and/or parts of the game not hold the same weight on android, but you're completely excluded from getting this one character's only CG towards the ending too. I still had fun with the game, but... yeah, I can see what you meant here. I can tell a lot of love went into this game, and it really pays off. Thus I was wondering... is there a way I might be able to support any future titles?

Haha... I just realized how stupid what I said is... I can support you by choosing to spend money on the PC game. Duh. Would it even let me pay for the game on Android?