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So much lag. Could not play the game for it.

idk. Could it be all the objects in the scene? Is there a script/function that only runs when you get close to the car?

Could use some time to get to know the controls before the enemies comes in. I will also help to have the mine and build keys on the screen.

Great game. Liket the gameplay. Had a small problems with lakes then I got close to the escape car.

Thanks. The movement have been something I know needs working on. I can't figure out if the code or the art-style there need fixing.

For you question about the attack, 2 commen design I see the the stamina meter and/or the light & heavy attack. Maybe the light stuns, and the heavy uses to bush he demons away. It could give the player some options for strategy.

UI scaling off. I can only see the bottom of the UI in the top

Where is the gold?

Liked the game, but it had no end.

Good mechanics and art. I like all the polish in the game. The only thing that bugs me about the game is that it has no end or raising difficulty. I got bored after getting 265 point & left, because I did not see any changes. For me it would had been good, if the game had stopped after killing all the enemies in the forest.


1: I would have liked a closet in area for gameplay, so you don't go into a empty void.

2: I have no reason to not attack, so i just spam it. Maybe a charge attack or something to change that. And if you want the attack as it is, I would have liked not to need to click for every attack.

Fine idea, but the execution is lacking because of bugs :(


I can build infinite many building in same place, so I never went out of money.

You can build tings so they cover the UI.

Design problem:

I could not read the number for what it cost to reset the timer.

Since the buildings don't do anything then being next to each other, you really don't need any plan. I had no use for other buildings then the red, because the gave more money then I spend.

Loading stops at 95%

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Really liked the concept, presentation & pun, but the controls need some move work and maked it less fun for me. I never found a philosopher's stone in several plays, so maybe a bit to rare? 

Also there is a not gamebreaking but then you to back to the menu after a game and try to play again. After the first image, the background goes white and jumps to the page with the playbutten

Great concept for the jam! Good gameplay-loop. Some mechanics needed a bit more polish, like the jump, and where the gold is on the ground.

Good short game. The only thing i think need changing is, that it is a bit frustrating wait for the intro dialog before given it another try.

fixed and thanks for letting me know.

Loved it. Great subversion of expectation with the jump mechanic. The only thing is the white blink is a bit hard on th eye, and mabye cloud be a problem

Good job, love that sprites changes then you die. The only problem with it is, it can be hard to see what is a platform, and what isn't.

A good use of the mechanics, with the spawned platform and the boost.

I have some small thing to think abour next time:

I spawned to close to a intant dead, what i died many time then I spawned in.

The boost power feels random at times, especially in the air.

Then you save the player life, mabye make a min life they get back. I stoppede in the Add block area, because I only had one life, with maked a hard area harder.

But its a really good

Fin first project. A good base for training to make games.

I don't know if there is a life system, but were time i played it, at some point i didn't respawning. If the player lose, at less give them a text there tell them, so why know it. If the life system is there, tell them whatt to press to restart.

The camera changes then you turn around, it makes me disorient, since there is no tranticens.

You need a show or tell the control somewhere. It took minutes to fund the jump key.

need a little sound in the backgrund. a place you can look is here:

You need to show there the enemy comes from, and give the player time to respond.

Good luck with the game.

Thanks for letting me know. Should be fixed now. Thanks for the help.