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Fin first project. A good base for training to make games.

I don't know if there is a life system, but were time i played it, at some point i didn't respawning. If the player lose, at less give them a text there tell them, so why know it. If the life system is there, tell them whatt to press to restart.

The camera changes then you turn around, it makes me disorient, since there is no tranticens.

You need a show or tell the control somewhere. It took minutes to fund the jump key.

need a little sound in the backgrund. a place you can look is here:

You need to show there the enemy comes from, and give the player time to respond.

Good luck with the game.

Hi tarkonner,

Thanks a ton for playing the game and giving feedback!  

I have been trying to fix the camera disorientation.  For some reason it works fine in-editor (Unity) but it doesn't work well after I build the game.  If you have any idea why this might be please get a hold of me.