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Brian Nielsen

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I'm having a ton of fun with this game!  You've really nailed the feel of this.  

One minor thing, could you include "enter/return to drop trailer" in the Help section?  I didn't know how to drop my trailer until I started hitting buttons. 


This game is wonderful! The color scheme and the animations work well together.  The play brought me back to the mid 90s for sure :)

Cool concept!  I may have gotten stuck at a hardware store and couldn't scavenge for more fuel....

Mythical Freaks community · Created a new topic Animations

The animations look great so far!  I did find myself or my opponent occasionally getting caught in a jittering loop.  Could still play but the character jitters back and fourth until the round completes.  

Such a great flow game! I went in trying to be the extra critical game dev but I couldn't do it!  Saving this as an example of great game feel.  

I really enjoy the color palette.  Even with the rigid shapes it somehow feels soft and inviting. 

Game controls very smooth.  Nice work!

Another great jam game!  Had no hickups (Windows 10, Chrome)

The system is very intuitive, though the hint that it was based off of pikmin may have helped.  I loved the idea of looping through the same area.  Even though I could see everything the game doesn't feel tedious.  Very smart to make the level so short. 

That flyover at the end is a great touch.  Can't wait for your next one :)

Anthony was a huge support to the team.  Outside of doing all of what he has mentioned above he helped drive a lot of design discussion, general debugging and set a strong pace for the project from the prototype to the finished version.  

So whacky! I love it!  Very smooth controls and the aesthetic is really interesting.  Brings me back to the early newgrounds days. 

I really like the look of this game.  It took me a minute to figure it out (I didn't read the instructions on the page) but the game is quite intuitive after a few tries.  Excellent design. 

Posting the link to the Game Jam Team Formation form again here: Game Jam Team Formation

This form is 100% voluntary.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask here. 

Loving version 1.2! Super smooth game play.  Great work!

I can't believe this was only 48 hours! Nice work!

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I love how smooth this game feels.  It has all of the old school feel with a nice modern design.

The moderate increase in difficulty as the waves come is very well thought out.  You achieve a certain level of comfort and control before enemies get aggressive.  

This is a very well polished game.  Can't wait to play again!  

Really fun and addictive game.  The music and sound effects really work well with the gameplay.  

Hi tarkonner,

Thanks a ton for playing the game and giving feedback!  

I have been trying to fix the camera disorientation.  For some reason it works fine in-editor (Unity) but it doesn't work well after I build the game.  If you have any idea why this might be please get a hold of me.