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Nice that so many users played the game in the end! This is my personal favorite of the jam. Graphics and mood are stellar. The only real room for improvement I see is adding features to the gameplay. After winning 1~2 times I feel like there is no more place to improve my playstyle.

One thing I could imagine is some kind of defensive maneuver. When playing I never looked at my own city as I couldn't do anything about it anyway. When there would exist e.g. a shield that you could activate you could lookout for incoming missiles to detect against them.

This is not meant as critic but just as a pointer what could be added if you wanted to. For the short time it's an excellent game.

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Balance is really horrible off between the players, but even in the end I wasn't really sure what abilities should exist and how they should be distributed. Shieldship without the building ability felt really boring and we wanted some kind of tower defense included so we gave him the ability to build the towers. But what to give shooter ship? Maybe a different kind of tower?

the build "progress bar" could be a little more self explained

Absolutly! In the beginning we started with geometric shapes (in the code ShooterShip is still named "Triangle" and ShieldShip "square"). When looking for some art  we decided for the pirate pack from kenney, but unfortunately a "half build tower" was not part of that. Unfortunately our art guy had no time to join us this time so we were left with two programmers.

Thanks for playing and the feedback! 

I thought that a shared health bar might produce some negativity between players if one is worse or more reckless than the other and dies more often. 

I think I have to refine multiplayer a lot, not being able to play at all if you have noone there is more than suboptimal. Maybe in a next version.

It did crash my browser however... Not sure how that happened.

I think it has something to do with size, I mistakenly put source assets (svgs) and actual assets (png) side by side, and godot just included them all, although the svgs are never used. I'm just pushing a new version with SVGs no longer included. I can no longer reproduce the crashes now.

Thanks for the feedback!

I have no real idea why it crashes, on my (low spec) laptop it crashes as soon as it loads, on my pc it works fine. Interesting that it only crashes for you when colliding. I think it may have to do with size, we also put source assets into the godot project and godot imported them all and bundles them on export, although they are never used. Maybe I'll push a version with the source assets not included anymore, at least on my laptop that fixes the crashes.

To be honest we only did an web export because we saw that many other games have one and that it should also be easy with our engine. So we just exported, but did no real tests, e.g. shooting is on ctrl, other ship sailing north is w, so if both actions are done at the same time the browser tab closes.

they got boarded on and fought a little battle before you lost HP.

That sounds like a pretty good idea. I think I'll include that!

I was a bit confused about the spinning plattforms. I didn't get it at first, but there is an alternative strategy: Jump, spam snow balls, and because you fall faster than the snow balls you can actually jump on the snowballs to reach higher places. Was that intended? I skipped most spinning plattforms that way. Generally movement felt rather strange (plattforms are really unsresponsive) but good movement is pretty hard.

I liked the length of the level and the level design was also good. Lowering pillars with the ice is a cool feature.

I really like this game. I'll try to give a bit more feedback tomorrow but I just wanted to encourage you to add a web version. I think you will get much more plays if the threshold to play is as low as possible. Exporting to web with Godot should not take too much time and I think the organizers are okay with uploading the same version of a game just for a different plattform.

Is the template available now? I'm sure uploading the same version already there just as html is fine. It would be sad if people missed the game just because no web version is online.

I have to admit, I'm really confused by this. First I thought this is a snakelike game. Then I thought I have to gather everything. But somehow water is only gatherable in the desert? Also the buckets also seem gatherable but they are not. Some screens seem to indicate... something. E.g. in one screen there is a "wall of buckets" to the right but it doesn't do anything.

I think you just were short on time, the level seem promising, the art is fun and I just can't shake the feeling that I missed something entirely.

The characters look really good, but they are so small! Increasing a size a bit would really make it more easier to enjoy the cool sprites.

Impressive that you could pull of a multiplayer mode in such a short time, too bad I couldn't test it (no games open, and of course in the few minutes I player noone else joined). 

The hitboxes are really strange. I can't really hit anything if it's not really close. Also I would expect that firing an arrow would hit the spot where my mouse points to, but that is not the case. Having some kind of marker where your arrow lands would make this much more easier (maybe too easy? hard to say).

Different enemy types seem like a cool idea but most of the times the enemy archer basically couldn't hit me. Of course too much accuracy would also be bad. Maybe all enemy archers coordinate, target an area (that also gets marked beforehand) and then after ~30 seconds kill everyone in that area? Players would need to move and could even use it to kill enemies.

Fun quick game, but hard as hell. Fkeys and characters was really hard for me, I think even without the categories it would have been a challange. I'm also not exactly sure how the categories work, I think the mails also vanished if not the correct category was chosen.

I think exporting to web would give you much more players, currently most games without many reviews are downloadable binaries whereas nearly all games with a high amount of reviews are directly playable. Also it should be very easy with godot.

(first posted this comment directly on your game page, but I think here it's more appropriate. Sorry for the spam!)

This is pretty fun! Gameplay is nice, art is simple but fun and fits, procedurally generated terrain is random but still fair (no "big" dead ends as far as I could see), movement and shooting fells good. It even has giant spam space worms (didn't paid much attention to the screenshots, nice surprise as I encountered one). Only real possibility for refinement is enemy AI, I think they just stand around, waiting for you and shooting as soon as you are close. Giving them movement and maybe line of sight would also make it a bit more challenging (if you play it safe and don't encounter a worm I see no real dangers).

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Good implementation of connect four, could use a "restart" action at the end (it resets but then I can't actually do anything?) and the columns could be ordered 1234567890 (instead of 0123456789, at least on my keyboard the 0 is right of the 9). But I see no connection the theme ("SPAM TO WIN") and from a game design perspective it's plain without any twist. If you attend another gamejam maybe a roguelike (like rogue, nethack or cataclysm) could be of interest for you? 

I really like the unique PICO8-charm that this game has. The sprites are easily identifiable and fun, the background is great just as the movement particles. But the ammo limitation seems really restrictive to me, I think I would prefer an adventure/level based system with easier to reach ammo spawns. Or make the stage a bit bigger so that one can create some strategy instead of just reacting to tomatatos spawning.

This is a very weird one for me: The game is done well, controls are clear, gamejam theme is hit well, movement/actions felt pretty good - but somehow I just didn't enjoy playing. I think I mainly didn't enjoy the theme. Additionaly it seems to me that the "optimal strategy" is killing one zombie and then waiting until your pain is 0 again.

I think you accidentally released in debug mode. If you export there is a small button on the bottom right where you can toggle debug mode.

Maybe that would also increase performance, my fans spinned up as soon as a started the game (I'm on a crappy laptop, but still).

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but if I execute it and press any button I get an error:

panic: runtime error: index out of range
goroutine 1 [running]:*Game).addEntry(0xc0000f6000, 0xffffffffffffffd0, 0x1)
    /home/exotel/go/src/ +0x195*Game).Input(0xc0000f6000, 0xffffffffffffffd0)
    /home/exotel/go/src/ +0x5b
    /home/exotel/go/src/ +0x166

Running the amd64 version on a linux.

Perfect fit for the theme, but for me it gets too fast to hard. Maybe I'm just too bad at the game. Hitzones felt a bit weird, often I thought I should have hit an enemy but didn't - or the white ones have some kind of defense ability? Somehow they gave me a really hard time but I couldn't really pinpoint why.

The rythm is synced very well to pressing the button, but the sound which is then played is only played after pressing the button which just feels "too late" for me. I have to consciously press late to not hit it too early.

Also I think the music could change more with more difficulty. I think there are additional drums and snares, but the base loop gets abit boring after a while.

Movement also seemed to not affect too much. Mostly I focused on getting the beats correct and just moved randomly until I saw a "white drop". But I just played until score ~60 or ~100 so maybe movement gets more important later on.

But otherwise I like your game and with increased variaty (longer song, more songs, "tapping" not only on main beats but varied with the song, movement mechanic maybe connected to music, maybe level design connected to music?) I would actually like to play it as a "proper game".

Pretty cool. Sitting in a corner and shooting everything seems to be the best strategy.