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I really like this game. I'll try to give a bit more feedback tomorrow but I just wanted to encourage you to add a web version. I think you will get much more plays if the threshold to play is as low as possible. Exporting to web with Godot should not take too much time and I think the organizers are okay with uploading the same version of a game just for a different plattform.

Thanks for your feedback, syntonym! I had tried once already, but I decided to go back and figure out how to get a HTML5 version working because of your comment. I'm sure you're right that that is why nobody was playing it. :) Hopefully that changes now.

Nice that so many users played the game in the end! This is my personal favorite of the jam. Graphics and mood are stellar. The only real room for improvement I see is adding features to the gameplay. After winning 1~2 times I feel like there is no more place to improve my playstyle.

One thing I could imagine is some kind of defensive maneuver. When playing I never looked at my own city as I couldn't do anything about it anyway. When there would exist e.g. a shield that you could activate you could lookout for incoming missiles to detect against them.

This is not meant as critic but just as a pointer what could be added if you wanted to. For the short time it's an excellent game.