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Thanks for the feedback guys, just one more thing, the downloads are of a free demo, am I suposed to expect such numbers in sales or they are completly unrelated? Sorry for a silly question but I really have no idea as this is my first try to make and sell a game. (The game price is going to be around 15 euros/dollars).

Thank you, glad you like it, and thanks for the feedback on the numbers, it´s good to know :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hey guys, first of all I am a solo developer making a metroidvania game in pixel art (check out the game here: I have been workin ain ALL my free time for around 2.5 years now and I am geting close to the release date (probably in 6 to 9months). 

My question is this, I have around 3,254 viwes, 284 download (demo at the moment) and 25 folowers, what I would love to know fro you guys is if these numbers are normal/bad/good.

I know its hard to tell and each case is a case but, if possible, tell me what you think about these numbers. I have NO idea at all as this is my first project.

Ps. I have an itchio account for around 1.5 years and have done some advertise only in redit, facebook and youtube in the form of some trailers, gameplay videos or just some pics of the gameplay (no money was spend).

Thanks for all the help guys! :)

Nice work, keep it up ;)

Thats good to know :)

Thanks! I am doing this all alone, kind of a chalenge, so for now i wont need any assets, but in a next project its something to think about (they give me soooo much hard work). Btw, did you solve that controler problem or is it still happening, and what controler is it? This never hapend before XD

Fellow solo dev here (as hobby) to tell you that this is an amazin work. Keep it up, this is something!

Thanks mate :)

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Hello rvros, i must thank you for the assets, i am making a metroidvania game and just got a DEMO out and i used your assets as a base for my character. Check out the results here:

Thanks a lot for your hard work and generosity!

PS i did not credit you for the DEMO because i forgot to do it. The credits is just Sweeping avalanche creations (i am a solo dev) but dont worry because the finished game will have your name on it!