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How long until TAX INTERVIEW is accepted

A topic by Sweeping Avalanche Creations created 55 days ago Views: 91 Replies: 6
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Hey guys, I am currently working on all my legal stuff to publish my game, and if everything goes well I will submit my tax interview in a few days. I would just like to ask to all developers here that had passed thro this interview for how long does it usually take to be accepted?

I alredy gave it a look (to the interview) and I think everything is quite clear to me on how to fiil all the info, but I dont want to publish the game or  aks for any payments until the tax interview is accepted. I like to have everything in order before doing so.

Thanks in advance.


As far as I’m aware the tax interview happens pretty much instantly. I don’t recall any waiting for manual approve.

Having said that, the interview checks that all the data follow a specific format, it has no way of knowing if everything is accurate, as that responsibility falls on each creator.

Hope that helps, looking forward to seeing your paid projects around :)


Thanks so much man! It helps a lot! I was thinking I had to wait months before it was accepted. And about the game, maybe in a week or two I can finnaly be oficially a published developer. Dream comed true! :)

Admin (1 edit) (+1)

You must click the button at the end of the interview that takes you back to to have your information saved and confirmed.

I don’t see a completed tax interview on your account, so you must have either not completed the tax interview, or closed it before clicking the button at the end.

Thank you for the support but I did not do it yet. I will do it in a few hours. I was just asking if it took look to be accepted. Probably in a hour or 2 I will submit my tax interview and get the response on that question.

I just submited the tax interview. Could you please check if everything is in order now. I did not get any kind of errors.


Admin (1 edit) (+1)

If you don’t get any errors and you completed the form then everything is in order. If there is ever an issue we will contact you, it’s not necessary to contact us.


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