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Thank you! 

Nothing wrong with your headphones, the game does lack audio :). It didn't make the deadline this time, but I will definitely add it in the final version!

The raycast lighting was one of those "turn limitations into aesthetics" things, I needed light to be easy to recast through a portal and also able to damage an enemy, and had no clue how to do that quickly with built in lights :P.

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"learned much?" I find that bafflingly condescending. I don't think you should assume based on the number of jams someone worked on whether they learned through the process or not, I don't even think you have enough context to care either way, you are not a coach, you are not a friend, you really can't draw any conclussions because you don't really know anything about the other person. 

But to answer your question: I have.

Hey thanks! You might get to play one in a few days or weeks! Unfortunately I had to be afk longer than I anticipated for this jam, so I ended up scrapping a lot of stuff and putting the gameloop together in the last 2 hours or so (the rest of the time was spent experimenting and playing around with the portals lol)

Hell yeah dude! Feel free to ask if you need help too!

Jajajajajaja gracias por la reseña!! Las mecanicas que se siente que no tienen mucho uso ahora es porque todavia no tienen enemigos que las necesiten realmente. Voy a ver que onda lo del movimiento que decís, a ver si puedo darle una vuelta. Che muchísimas gracias posta!

Lol congratulations! You completed the hidden ultimate challenge!!!!! :P

Wow! Thanks a lot! :)

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, you are the first person to ask, so I don't really have anything in the moment. I'll set something up in the near future and let you know! Also, I don't know if you played Recontra, but that's my latest "fully" updated game, it has an english translation and you can also play  it on Newgrounds if you have an account there and like collecting medals, it's pretty short though, about 5-10 minutes (Stranded is also there).
I'm currently working on another platformer, this one will be a beat em up, it's still on diapers though! but here's a tiny gif

Thanks again! It makes me really glad that someone enjoys my games!

Hahaha thank you!! Don't expect too much from this one :P. I might continue it and add an english version!

Hey thanks! And sorry about the lack of English!

Congrats on 1# fun! Well deserved! :)

I understand completely! My game's bosses (which are all basically mix and match variations of the normal mobs/player ) didn't exist until the last day, in fact, Sunday morning, I was 50/50 split on whether submitting at all, but I powered through because I knew I was gonna regret it if I didn't submit, even if the game sucked lol.

Glad I didn't miss any content then!

Awesome visuals! especially during the ending sequence, really good job with the lighting! The audio in general was great too. The voice acting and quality were very professional, and the eerie music really complemented the atmosphere!

Great job!

Thanks a lot! Yeah, I got heavy inspiration from Isaac! Tha maze generation algorithm was even implemented by googling "binding of isaac maze algorithm"! 

Thanks for the advice! I did have in mind power ups with more "magic" effects, but I ran out of time! As it stands, I acknowledge it's pretty easy to end up neglecting one hand and overpowering the other, depending on the buffs encountered.

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you! It's always useful to have someone's first impression recorded! I will try to make the stairs more obvious!

Ok, so I got to the ripped fungus (awesome sprites by the way), beat him, got a ton of curses (after ripped fungus died, every small fungus I killed spawned an orb in the same place, so when I touched it I got like 10 curses at once), and on the next level (which was a level I had already played) I was completely unable to damage anything! I shot bullets like a machine gun but they didn't seem to do any damage because nothing died, I ended up dying then and there, my guess is that I got nerfed by the curses into doing 0 (or negative) damage.

Another quirk I found is that after beating a random level, the portal+curse didn't spawn, so I got stuck and had to reset.

Still, really fun game! I wasn't using the dash until I realized it could cancel the melee lag, and then it became my best friend! 

My only real complaint is that I would've liked the curse texts to stick a bit longer, I rarely got to read the whole thing before it disappeared!

I also liked the sound, really cool music and sfx!

Thanks a lot!

Liked the binding of isaac style room layout! I did something similar in my submission.

Shooting was both fun and challenging. I couldn't get to the ending (if there is one) because I kept getting stuck with the doors bug, I gave it a few tries and got to room 4 I think (so a highscore of 3) and then lost to the time!

I would've liked for the player to have a bit more time than 1 minute, sometimes it felt like I was going as fast as I could and still lost.

I think besides those 2 issues the game is great! the curses add spice to it, the enemies are satisfying to kill, it would be awesome if it had a bit of particles or knockback when shots land, but as it stands, it's a pretty solid entry!

Very funny tutorial! The writing in general is really charming!

I liked the mechanic of having the player curse enemies with the curse they have, it made it really interesting. I would've liked a bit more physics involved in the shooting, maybe have attacks have some knockback when they land? Also the melee attack animation sort of glitches in the end and just gets stuck on the last frame. Other than that it was a fun experience!


submitted 2 seconds before deadline!!!! That was really close!!!

First off, the game looks awesome! The music is great, the sound effects were very funny.

I would've liked the game to explain what to do and how to do it! it took me a while to figure out I was supposed to throw the villagers to the ships, and it took me way longer to figure out I could control the power of the throw! I figured both things out right before quitting the game each time, before that I thought I was supposed to just prevent as many people from falling as I could for as long as I could.

Once I understood what I had to do, it was pretty fun!!

The game would've benefited a lot from a third person shooter style camera, where the camera follows the mouse and you don't have to click and drag, had several points where I would just move the mouse offscreen and click outside the game. 

But all in all it was a fun experience, good job!

Loved the precise platforming, made every death feel fair, the challenges were very interesting, and I thought it was a really smart decision to have the player die when breaking the rules of the curse instead of just having nothing happen when they tried to, it made it a lot more interesting. 

I also really liked the level design! and it was satisfying to have a final boss.

Cool game!

Really liked it! There was obviously an easier path for me ("reversed words", "ps are qs", "every vowel is E", which for some reason was easier than "every vowel is shifted").

As others have said, the difficulty grows a lot with the second curse. Took me some tries but I was able to beat it!

Loved the visual aesthetic, and the music and sound effects were really pleasant!

Very clever on the use of the theme! it was a fun experience!


Really fun! at first I was intimidated by the 100 gold requirement, but after a few tries I got the gist of it and it felt really satisfying to beat, I beat it twice in fact!

Really appreciated the ghostball mechanic, it was a simple yet clever way of showing the trajectory. I also loved the deal with the devil mechanic, it mixes strategy with skill very well! And the ominous "or your soul is MINE" text really gave it some weight!

Good game!

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Really fun, simple controls and easy to pick up! I love games where you have the ability to end up with an OP build.

The swinging felt nice! I also appreciated the variety of enemies with different skills.

The level decorations added a lot of charm to it, and the sound effects fitted the visual aesthetic of the game.

I liked how some trade offs gave you a net zero effect while others appeared to give you an edge when they were actually reducing your stat (for example gain 21% lose 20% of the same stat), though I'm not sure if they did now, because I don't know the order they were applied in! Just in case, I still avoided them :).

EDIT: I forgot to mention, in the last wave my character got huge, and I didn't understand why (other enemies did too, I assumed that was because the curse said they would get bigger), it did made the game harder! Though I still managed to beat it with my turbo blade!!

Cool game!

Thank you! Yes, I was very close to making it a single handed style game because I felt the punches were getting redundant (I was after all inspired by Spear and Katana, an old flash game where you only have one weapon) 

The thing is, the battle system I had originally planned was more complex, involving combos, that is, your punches would get faster/stronger if they were executed in a certain order, be it 1-1-2, 1-2-1, etc, and trade offs like "give up one arm for an ability to slow down enemies" but those didn't make the cut because I was running out of time and had to reduce scope! 

Thankfully the power up system sort of made them less redundant!

Thank you for playing! Yes, I also thought of Punchout while developing it! :)

Thank you!

Thank you so much!!

Damnit! Hope that works!

Just checking on my itch app, windows and linux versions seem to be listed ok, must be something with the mac version 

Noo!! That sucks! I'll see if I can change that! on the other hand, maybe the bug that caused the crash no longer exists in the post jam version?

Thank you so much! :)

Hey thank you! I feel so flattered! I spent the longest time trying to get a nice punching mechanic and motion, it means a lot that it was appreciated!

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Awesome concept and execution! I loved that you could control the pace, the presentation with the moving letters and the blurry shadow during the tutorial were really nice too! Really good tutorial and very easy to pick up. Also appreciated the office space boss reference!

Very creative curses also! And the method for unlocking them added a lot of spice to the difficulty. It was fun trying to control the "inertia" of the battle so that you could unlock the new curse but not lose the game in the process.

My record is 657 seconds and 422 kills, I stopped because I hit a point where I didn't think I could lose (took me some tries though!)

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I loved the simple but cute visuals with the "Ed Edd n Eddy" wobbly line style (I don't know how it's called, sorry haha). The sound effects fitted the style and the music, while simple, was nice.

Fun and original! Great game and take on the theme!

Oh well, thank you for the report! if you find any new context or bugs please feel free to bring them up! in any case, I just uploaded a new version, if, while in the color choose screen (the one right after booting the game), you type in "BOSSMAN", you jump right where the jam version left off ;) hope it doesn't crash there!

Were you ever able to beat the post jam version? if you didn't get to the ending of this one due to that bug, I could add a feature to at least let you skip to that part!

This has a lot of potential!

First off, I liked the audio and the graphics! The sfx were simple but effective! I wasn't a big fan of the lighting.

The faustian bargain was a cool feature!

The cannon is really satisfying to shoot and land.

As others have pointed out, the laser misfiring was off putting. Though I did like the alternation between claws, and landing it felt nice.

The claw is really hard to use! I think I would rather if it was aimed at the direction of the mouse, as it stands, I couldn't use it without getting hit!

But those issues disappear in cheat mode, because the combination of all three weapons overwhelms whatever's in front of you regardless, and that feels really good! It sort of reminds me of when I got an OP build in Risk of Rain. Man, being a cheater never felt so good!

I almost forgot to try that mode, it changed my perspective on the game, it's honestly a lot of fun! Personally I would either make that the default, or allow the player to build up to that throughout the game. But that's me :)

Very fun entry!

Simple but fun! I liked the colorful visuals and the death animation!

The isometric view was a nice touch. What messed me up a bit was how much harder it was to dodge cars coming from the right than the left!

Engaging story! I joked about who the culprit was (because I had no proof at the time I interrogated them), and after some investigation, 2 failed accusations, and some more thorough investigation, it turns out it was them!

I really liked how gathering context started forming a story in the player's mind.

The choice of music gave it a suspenseful atmosphere!

There's a few minor issues with the GUI, each click on an item opens a new window, but doesn't close the others, and items behind a window can be clicked through it, it's only annoying for a few seconds though, then you get used to it.

Really nice and unique entry!

Ahh dang, I'm on linux, if you run it from command line you should be able to see the output in case it states the reason for the crash, I will try to replicate it myself.