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Welcome, joggers!

Anyone got any Halloween candy left? (I don't...)

Not only did a Joggernauts video go viral in France, but we released a new cute character and had some fun side projects we wanted to share. 

It's really hard for us to wrap our brains around the fact that Squeezie, a french Youtube celebritly, played Joggernauts last month. The video of him and his friend Micka titled, "Play this game=Lose a friend", went viral with over one million views in the first 24 hours and is now over three million.

Needless to say, all of us on the team just about had heart attacks when seeing the views climb so high so fast. It is without a doubt the largest audience that has ever seen Joggernauts to date. 

We are incredible thankful to Squeezie and Micka for playing Joggernauts, Maria for putting us in contact with Squeezie, and every single person that watched them play. We love you all so very much. It's just an amazing feeling when your game can bring joy to so many people like that. 

We released (and sold out) 100 first access demo keys on Itch.io's Refinery to celebrate the viral Squeezie video.

Thank you to everyone who purchased the first access version of Joggernauts!

The extra cool thing about having the game early is your ability to help shape the game's future! Please, take the first access player feedback survey when you get a chance.


Who likes cats out there? We release an adorable new character based on Tommy's cat, Midnight. Ahhhh! I still can't get over how cute it is.

Our artist, Tommy, worked on this really rad VR project last month.

From Tommy's employers website: "Pixel Farm premiered Lux Sonos at the 2017 AIGA Design Conference. Lux Sonos is a 4-minute generative music virtual reality (VR) experience that was built around the idea of repetition and recursion. We designed this experience with first time VR users in mind. This otherworldly environment encourages users to walk around and explore a VR world and discover what’s so buzzworthy about this rapidly evolving technology. Stay tuned to pixelfarm.com for a full case study and docu-video!"

I did some spooky remixes under my artist name, Frostiiie, to celebration Halloween and the release of Super Mario Odyssey.  

Have a listen will ya?!

Welcome, joggers!

It's October all ready?! Time files when your making games. 

I'm given the deets on an interview with Gaming of the Noob, Joggernauts making TechRaptor's 'Top 10 of PAX West' list, and... oh... I dunno... Joggernauts winning the freakin' Guest Choice award at The MIX during PAX week! 

Yeah... I know. Awesome, right?! 

P.S. Anybody going as a Joggernaut for halloween? :)

If you didn't know already, Space Mace flew out to Seattle last month to sport Joggernauts at The MIX during PAX week. 

Seriously, it was so much fun. I never get tired of hearing strangers yell, "SWITCH@!#$%",  at each other. The best moment was a group of friends playing Joggernauts on a huge projector screen the event planners setup. Soon there was an entire crowd cheering the team on! Although... that didn't help their performance much. 

All that commotion payed off! Joggernauts won the Top Guest Pick award by the end of the event!

Thank you to everyone who voted and played that night. It means so much to me and the rest of the team. 

Thrilled to announce that Joggernauts made TechRaptor's Top 10 Games at PAX West list! (Which is kinda funny because the game technically wasn't "at PAX", Hahah! I'll still take it!)

"Joggernauts is ridiculous. The game is a couch-coop laugh-riot of bright colors and hilarity. Joggernauts is half platformer, half party game, and half laughing/yelling at your friends. I understand that that’s three halves, but I’m sticking with that description because I want to." - Andrew Otton

Zach and I had a fantastic interview with Jake from, Gaming of the Noob, a video game enthusiast podcast that focuses on the art, development, sound, visuals, promotion, mechanics, and indie game culture from the perspective of some major noobs. 

I *could* recap the whole thing... but... you should really just go listen to what we had to say. :)

OMG, look at those waterfalls! 

That's right, the team is adding new things to Joggernauts constantly. Our most recent build (not available for private beta holders yet, sorry...) features beautiful waterfalls, goofy alien foliage, and derpy temple heads falling into water for you to jog over. 

Stay tune for more visual, sound, and mechanic updates. We're excited to show you more! 

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This month we turned Joggernauts  up to 11 by making a super rad new controller!

Equipped with 4 giant-glowing SWITCH buttons,  now you have something to hit when you team is letting you down. Too bad this will be the only one made... Let me show you what all went into making this thing! 

Before I go any further, HUGE shout out to Victor Thompson for all his help making the controller. Without him it would have been a whole lot more difficult... Probably impossible. 

Initial Design 

The controller stork left us a baby... wait... we gotta put it together!?

Leg makin' 

Is it done yet?! 



Button circles 

So much sanding... 


Under the hood


Wait!... Now it's done :)

If you would like to play Joggernauts on the new controller, continue to follow us for events details. As always, thank YOU for giving a crap about what we do. We're  continually trying to make the Joggernauts experience the very best it can be. 

HEART! (*sound effect plays*)

-Space Mace

Welcome, joggers!

I’ve got so much to tell you about our Twitch debut, press, new artwork, and upcoming events.

Shall we? Here we go!


The secret is out!  Joggernauts will be presented at Bit Bash on August 12th. 

Wait... That’s the same weekend 2D Con! Don’t worry. Joggernauts will be at both! 

Joggernauts had its grand debut on Twitch thanks to JadeSilkBadPlayersPlayingBadly, and LastGeek!  

You can check out the fun they had here: 

JadeSilk July 4th, 2017

LastGeek July 29th, 2017

JadeSilk and BadPlayersPlayingBadly July 29th, 2017

We met up with reporter, Naomi N. Lugo, (coincidentally, a reporter from our home town of Minneapolis. Lol.) at E3 to discuss Joggernauts. Not only did we talk about how development of Joggernauts was going, but also a bit about our thoughts on the Indie presence at E3 and the MIX.  

Read about our conversation here.

Tommy locked himself in a cabin over the 4th of July and came back to the team with with some truly inspiring artwork.

I mean judge it for yourself! You should see how cool those waterfalls look with Joggernauts behind them.

Oh wait... well that’s coming! I’ll show you that soon. :)

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We had a busy month. We have been traveling, coding, making awesome merch, and slinging Joggernauts pitches like nobody's business. I can't wait to tell you about it all! Let's just jump in.


We went to E3 to show off Joggernauts and were featured by Game Informer and Ars Technica as part of their best indie games of E3!

*crying sounds*


Feels good to get recognized by such popular news outlets. We couldn't be more excited!

Limited (like for realz) edition pins are available for purchase! One of the pins even glows-in-the-dark.

Get FREE SHIPPING and free stickers if you buy the two pin bundle!! Buy Now!

Hang out with us! We'll be at 2D Con August 11-13! Mark it on your calendar!

Also, stay tuned for a secret event coming up... ;)

We just pushed a new build for our Itch.io Refinery members.  Several of the playable levels have been updated! Enjoy!

Joggernaut's is on Game Informer's list of the Best Indie Games of E3 2017! We are incredibly flattered. ☺️

"...we all started to scream out colors, such as, "Green! Purple! Blue, it's your turn!" in order to collaboratively make it through the level, though we died a lot along the way. Although it looks deceptively simple, Joggernauts is a difficult but fun game that requires strategy amongst friends."

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We had a blast at The MIX!  Press coverage is already starting to come in.  Here's a great write up by Ars Technica: "E3 2017's brightest indie games"

We've got a clip in their roundup video as well!


Don't lose your fricken' mind, but you can get Joggernauts and Space Mace enamel pins!!  We even have a special bundle deal where you get two pins and five stickers with FREE SHIPPING in the US!

Did you know that one of the pins glows in the fricken' dark!

(Edited 3 times)

Joggernauts has the tremendous honor of being selected for The MIX LA during E3 on June 14th.  We're going to be showcased along side games we are huge fans of such as Secret Legend, Nidhogg 2, Overland, Ooblets, and Semblance just to name a few!  We are sooooo excited!!! Even Runner 3 is going to be there, which is CRAZY because Joggernauts wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for a drunken, day-long session of Bit.Trip Runner with friends.

If you'd like stay in the know about Joggernauts and Space Mace, head to SpaceMaceGames.com, enter your email, and subscribe to our newsletter!

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Space Mace was in Los Angeles for the Playdate Gameshow on May 28!  We had an awesome time hanging out with other amazing game makers and meeting new people in LA.  Big thanks to Bela and Ben for having us!


Look, they even had a super awesome poster!

I'm so sorry you were having trouble! I'm glad to hear you worked it out on your other computer.  Glad to hear you are having fun now!!  -Zach

Are you going to be in Minneapolis or Berlin?

Holy cow! Has it really been 100 days since we posted something on Itch? I hope you've at least been keeping up with us on Twitter. If not, well then, long time no see! How are you? We're great, thanks for asking.

Here's some of what we've been up to for this first part of 2017:

  • Getting our studio Space Mace LLC up and running...
  • Developing new levels and new uses of the switching mechanic...
  • Designing new alien athletes...
  • Showing off the game at GDC 2017! We were playtesting at the Itch.io party and also at the NYU Game Center booth, and we met a ton of amazing people!
  • Bringing our game to the big screen at Bauhaus Brewery in Minneapolis as part of Glitch Con's Brew Tour!
  • Returning to the lineup of games at Minnebar's Mega Minne Multi Indie Mini Arcade...
We've got a lot of amazing things in store for you this year. We've been so busy making the game while also movin' and shakin' that we haven't posted as much as we would like to. But we promise, you're going to like where we are headed.

We are SO excited, and we can't wait to tell you more.

Joggernauts community · Created a new topic ORBS!
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The holidays are coming up and that means we've got presents coming!

here's a teaser of our new orbs:

Merry ORBS!

Have a happy and safe holidays!

with love,

Space Mace (Zach, Tommy, Robert)

Joggernauts community · Created a new topic Various Updates
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Hello all you beautiful gamers!

Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU to all you private beta members. You have been tasked with the difficult job of helping us finish our first game, Joggernauts! We are incredibly grateful to all of you for this.

We've received your feedback and we're super close to sending you some new things to try out.

Some of the new things to expect in the update are new levels and UI. We're also implementing a new rating system! We're hoping it will be a fun an easy way to give us feedback.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Don't forget to bring Joggernauts out to de-rail any tense political conversation at the yearly family holiday gatherings ;)

We love you so much,

Space Mace (Zach, Tommy, Robert)

Wow, thank you so much for playing and taking the time to give us such great notes!

We are working on our next beta release with new levels and features, as well as an entirely new way to present levels during our beta so that we can test more stuff more often!

Weird! So interesting that some buttons worked but the d-pad arrows were mapped differently than what we are expecting to see. I wonder how the heck they mapped them.

(Edited 1 time)

Awesome, I hope they work! Please do let me know what you find out. If it just ends up being an issue with the buttons being mapped incorrectly that's something we could fix pretty easily.

Keep in mind when you are testing: You can use the space key and arrow keys on your keyboard to get through the menus. That way you can at least see if any of the other buttons controlling the players do work.

I have not tried those personally, so I can't vouch for them. We haven't gotten deep into gamepad compatibility testing so far.

That said, we are looking into the feasibility of having people use their smart phone as a virtual gamepad for Joggernauts to solve this very problem. So, I'd say hang tight while we work on that or buy something that you can return if it doesn't work.

That would be fantastic, thank you!

Super satisfied that rolling over the skiiers makes you bigger. :)

"Run a cursed zoo, badly." is kind of the best game pitch ever. I love zoo simulators, occult creatures, and comedy.

Wow, I just discovered this devlog, and I'm totally stoked about your rendering style!! Also pretty impressed you decided to write your own C++ code in lieu of Unity.

Oh, and I was just playing Haunted Heist... very charming. Super satisfying audio!


Trippy! Super intrigued by your trailer!

Wow, those character portraits are amazing! What is your process for those?!

Your game is looking great! Who did that rad anime intro animation for your trailer??

Refinery looked like the perfect toolset for doing our closed beta for Joggernauts! Thank you for providing such an amazing toolset for free!!!

Hello! Space Mace is a new three-person studio in Minneapolis, MN currently working on Joggernauts. We are using Refinery for our closed beta!

I got my key for Joggernauts, now what?

Alright, I'll try to write some helpful instructions here. If you get stuck somewhere, let me know, and I'll update these steps.

  1. We recommend you install Itch.io's desktop client! This is better than downloading our ZIPs directly because you will get notified about updates to the game, plus your future downloads will be much smaller and installed automatically!
  2. Claim your key and install the game.
  3. Connect 2 - 4 gamepads to your computer. We recommend any Xbox controllers for Windows users. We recommend wired Xbox 360 controllers or Playstation controllers for Mac users. If you're having trouble getting gamepads working, let us know. We'll post better instructions about drivers or pairing controllers.
  4. Play the game and post your thoughts for us here! Keep up to date on this forum thread and watch for emails with specific new things we want you to test.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Joggernauts community · Created a new topic Introductions!

Here's a thread for everybody to say hello!

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I got my key for Joggernauts, now what?

Alright, I'll try to write some helpful instructions here. If you get stuck somewhere, let me know, and I'll update these steps.

  1. We recommend you install Itch.io's desktop client! This is better than downloading our ZIPs directly because you will get notified about updates to the game, plus your future downloads will be much smaller and installed automatically!
  2. Claim your key and install the game.
  3. Connect 2 - 4 gamepads to your computer. We recommend any Xbox controllers for Windows users. We recommend wired Xbox 360 controllers or Playstation controllers for Mac users. If you're having trouble getting gamepads working, let us know. We'll post better instructions about drivers or pairing controllers.
  4. Play the game and post your thoughts for us here or on our Community Forum.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Why make a local multiplayer runner game?

The honest truth is liquid inspiration. We were all sitting on a couch in front of the TV taking turns playing the amazing single-player game Bit.Trip Runner by passing the controller around. We were imbibing many an adult beverage between turns when inspiration struck, "Wait, why can't this be multiplayer?" we asked. Exploring that idea a little, we quickly realized one of the mechanics would need to be that you could take turns being in the front of the running group.

Why is your multiplayer game cooperative instead of competitive?

We love local multiplayer deathmatch, and there are a lot of those games. We thought it was time to create a game where you were forced to work together to keep everybody alive. There are two ways that we wanted our game to be different than deathmatches:

  1. We wanted all of our players to be continuously involved and engaged through the entire play session. We never wanted a moment where one player had nothing left to play for, or worse, was reduced to just watching.
  2. We wanted our game to be fun for both experienced and new players, and we wanted them to be able to play together. We wanted our game to be accessible to casual players. And we didn't want advanced players to dominate new players in a way that wasn't fun for either.

At it's heart, Joggernauts is a game for parties and for friends. We want you to get together on your couch, and yell colors at each other. It is a game we hope people will play with their hardcore gamer friends just as often as their friends who shyly say that they "aren't good at games."

(Edited 4 times)

Joggernauts is a local multiplayer auto-runner party game with a twist on team cooperation set in a derpy alien universe.

Have fun trying not to kill your friends for a change!

Joggernauts First Access is now exclusively available through Itch.io's Refinery!
Help us finish our game! Ask us about joining our private beta!

Hello Itch community!

Joggernauts is being developed by Space Mace, a new game development studio in Minneapolis, MN. We are a team of three: Zachary Johnson, Tommy Sunders, and Robert Frost III. After about a year working on the game, as of October 2016 we are very excited to announce our First Access program through Itch.io's Refinery! We are now releasing limited batches of keys to people who are interested in helping us create this game.

Joggernauts is a cooperative auto-runner party game for 2-4 players where you try not to kill your friends. Take turns (probably failing) to lead your team through deceptively difficult color-coded platforming levels. People who love Bit.Trip Runner, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Space Team, or even Bop It should be right at home in this tricky multiplayer game.

Watch this Devlog forum thread to read about our progress, or join us over at our own Community Forum.